Music Hall CD25.3 CD Player

I’m sure this is a long shot. I can’t find any reviews of this CD player.

It interests me because of the nice power supply looking at inside photo, use of ESS DAC in specs, and clean simple looks. I’m hoping I can find someone who owns it to tell me your thoughts of the sound and durability of it. Or even someone who has had the luxury to have heard it.


The lack of reviews could be because this model is brand new.

When the 25.2 was originally sold almost 20 years ago, it was a well regarded player.  The Music Hall players were re-badged Shanling players.

Curious as to how 25.3 sounds.




Could be. I read that Music Hall players are actually his own design manufactured by Shanling, and not a rebadged unit.

I had one for 12 years, very light use.  it up and died.  I went with an Emotiva ERC-4 with a DAC input  built like a tank

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I’ve read plenty of review about the Emotiva failing too. Transports and electronics don’t seem as robust as in the past.