Music Reference RM 10/Reference 3aMM

Has anyone tried the Music Reference RM10 MK II amplifier, with the Reference 3A MM DeCapo BE speaker?
I listen strictly to vinyl. All different kinds, but love Piano and Zappa orchestral/jazz  best.
I have Pro-ject RPM 10 EVO, a Bottlehead Phono Pre. into Rogue Super Magnum 99 pre.  
Right now I’m running my amplified Focal Solo 6BE speakers. I have a brand new Focal subwoofer. Sadly i’m still not satisfied with the sound. I’ve done acoustics.
The Solos are just not musical sounding to me. I get a high level of detail, good soundstage, and accurate bass. The sound seems dry.
I have to put my ear up to the speakers to hear any hum, So I think I have a good set up at the front end.
My room is 11’ x 13’ and has a low ceiling at 7’3”. 
 I will use the sub. The rogue pre. has two outputs - one can go to the sub amp, the other to the RM10 amp. 
 I’m wondering what people think of my idea? My first choice is to keep the RM product.

keep the RM10 - it's a keeper.   Check in with audiogon'er clio09 as to the synergy w/the Reference speakers he may have some experience.
If I were you I would have the tubes tested first. You may find that's all that's going on.
Thanks all. I haven’t made any purchases as yet. My Rogue pre was recently rebuilt at the factory. New board new everything including tubes. The phono pre is brand new also. Both were broken in at the factory. 
I’m in pursuit is matching amp and speakers with one another. 
I have owned an RM-10 for going on 20 years and it is one piece I will never sell but with that said the RM-10 is not your "euphonic" tube amp.  I have found it over the years to be pretty much neutral as is the case with all of RM's amps.  Not sure of the character of your Rogue or what sound you are trying to achieve.  There seems to be a lot of Reference 3A fans that prefer the pre-BE version of the DeCappo.  I have successfully used the RM-10 with bookshelf speakers from Reynaud, Nola, Fritz and others.
Thanks.  That’s what I needed to hear.  The Focals are not neutral.  They have what some described as “scratchy” a the high end. 
Neutral would be wonderful.
Just be careful that moving from a Focal Be tweeter to a Reference 3A Be doesn't turn out to be a lateral move. If you find the Be tweeter sound to be "scratchy" then moving to another tweeter style would be a safer swap and depending on your budget you should find a lot more choices.  
The Music Ref RM 10 was designed by Roger RIP with Vandersteen 2 series speakers. I would lose the Focal box and get a pair of 2 series to experience how great that amp plays music.instead of treble artifacts and port breathing boxes you will hear an amazing time aligned transition from top to bottom. if that room does get heavy get a pair of 50 K vandersteen High pass units 140 bucks installed at the amp.
  Best JohnnyR