Musical Fidelity A1008

Hi Folks:

This player was out for a very short time and I only heard it once. It was better than the already great A5. Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone about how the player compares to others like the KW or other high end players in the sub $10K range.

Thanks as always.

Well I had the Tri-Vista for a few years and a few weeks ago purchased the A1008, but to be fair I will only talk about the A1008 only because the Tri-Vista was in a totally different system that I no longer have. First off this player sounds more refined then my Modwright Sony 999es CD Player, music is very detail, but not sterile. You can listen for hours without the headache instruments clearly have their own space. But as nice as it sounds it’s not in the same league as my TT, but it is a step up from the MW Transporter. The only think I don’t like about this player it not the prettiest look thing.

My system:
A1008 CD Player, VPI Soutmaster with Titan Car, BAT 10se, VTL 6.5, EVO 402, Modwright Transporter. All Nordost Valhalla interconnect power cables
I found the A1008 to sound rather dull and uninvolved. Much preferred the A5.
this is a comment for someone who had the KW SACD Player and now has the A1008