Musical Fidelity A3.2 vs A300

I am planning to buy one of those integrated amps. Has anyone compared them? Which one do you prefer and why?

Any comments about A3 are welcomed as well. (Eg, A3 is cheaper but the sound is almost same, or the other way around.)

Do a search for reviews.
There was one pro reviewer who felt the A3.2 had a slightly
more defined sound versus the fuller A300.

The different inputs on the A300 give you options, however, to suit your taste it seems.
I have owned both the A3 and the 3.2.I preferred the A3 because of it's warmer sound.The 3.2 seemed somewhat "sterile" to me.Just my opinion.
I have the A300 (please click on my system if you'd like to see the context). It gives off big, ballsy sound for my (near) full-range floorstanders, and I find it to be quite refined for its price range. Detail and bass extension are also very good...I honestly think you would need to go all the way up in price to the Plinius 8200 Mark II to beat it in performance (twice the price), and even at that price point, you would only beat the A300 by a relatively small margin.
I currently have the a3.2 integrated amp and cd player. They are great, I love them to death!! I think the a3.2 is the better amp because it has more detailed bass, mids and hights, because of the nu vista circuits. It also has more power. I couldn`t describe the sound as warm, but more neutral and laidback. I think the a3.2 is a well ballanced, sonically, dynamic and detailed amp. Especially for the money. Just listen to both of them yourself and decide!