Musical Fidelity P270 was struck by lightning...


Musical Fidelity P270


Lightning struck near my apartment at night.
The next day when I tried to turn on my device, smoke started pouring out.

What is broken:
This is an image from the web and the problem area is circled. This is where the capacitor and resistor are located. The value of the capacitor can be seen and no problem, but the resistor is so burnt that the value cannot be read. There are two resistances. One on each side. This connects the amplifier ground to the mains ground.


My cousin is a good electronics mechanic.
Since the device is very old and out of warranty, and I don't have the money to send it abroad to an authorized service center (I live in Serbia), I let him fix it.
Since everything is burned, you can't tell which parts are involved, he needs an electronic circuit diagram.
I couldn't find an electronic circuit diagram on the internet.
I was looking for an electronic schematic of this device from the manufacturer. They forwarded my email to the authorized service. Of course they told me to bring it to them. There was no talk of an electronic circuit diagram.

Possible solutions:
- One of you has an electronic circuit diagram (or a link);
- one of you has the same amp, (take some photos of the problematic part).

Many many thanks

(Google Translate...) ;)