Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 DAC/USB Quality

Would apreciate input from anyone you has experienced use of the Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 in general.
I am interested in:
How you would rate the DAC
How compatable this amp is with the Senn. HD650
General overall performance.
Best Phones to use with the Musical Fidelity X-Can V8

My son has the Senn HD650 headphones. I picked up a used Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 on AG as a present for him. The price was right and base on what reading I came across,I thought it would work well with the Senn HD650. Now that it is in route, I have done some further research and have came across alot of mixed reviews/comments.
So I would like to get the real scoop.Please Be honest, if I made a mistake, I will accept it and go on. I just dont want to pass my mistake (if so) along to my son.

Thank You for your help
Received the Musical Fidelity X-can V8. Used with AKG K702 headphones and A prima Luna P8 tube CDP. I not impressed at all. I am hoping that the HD650 headphones will be better.
Bare in mind this is the first time I have listened to a any semi upper end headphoe equipment and the only reference I have is a 22K 2 channel system to compare it with. Even though from time to time i have came across reviews, etc., that suggest a descent headphone system can rival a more exspensive 2 channel in terms of detail and tonal quality, I just cant see it, and the more I think about it, it just doesnt make sense, when you start comparing power supplies, amps, cables, etc.
I bought the above referenced headphone system based on review only. I am going to make a point of going to some local Audio stores and listening to some headphones/amp prior to making any further headphone purchases. Maybe there are some out there that I would be satisfied with, but this is not it.
Hey BradF

Definitely give the MF X-Can V8 a try with the Sennheiser 650. A couple of headphone guys who were helping me out on another forum told me that the MV X-Can V8 REALLY mates well with the Sennheiser 580, 600 and 650. Also regarding the AKG K702s one owner by me told me they need a very long time for break-in. Over 300 hours. He had a stock pair of the AKG 702 with a Woo headphone amp. Are you AKG K702s new?

Also with a 22K sounding system 2 channel I think you need much more high-end headphone gear to even come close to what you have sound wise in your 2 channel rig. Maybe a headphone amp from Ray Samuels or Rudistor? Min $1000 headphones?
The thing i don't like about it, is the gigantic volume knob. :\ overall, it does have a decent SQ for the price.
To: Jedinite24
I recntly bought the K702's on AG, with about 100 hours on them.
I agree with you that's it's not really a fair comparison comparing this to a much more expensive 2 channel system.
But really Im not, it's just the only only other reference I have.
I bought the V8 and the K702's as a present for my son, which has the HD650's. I am encouraged by the comments you made about the HD650's pairing well with the HD650's.
My son is in a different part of the State. Hopfully we will get together soon, and then have the opportunity to
marry the HD650 and MF V8 together. I used my preamp and CDP as the source material. My son only has a computor as a source. Have you any idea how well the USB/DAc works.
I had to dial in quite a bit of knob to get them to a decent listening level.

Thanks for your input
You’re not the only one who doesn't like the size of the volume knob, I have seen many comments with regard to this.
But one comment I have to say about how they may have came to design it so large.
I remember reading a review on the V3, and the reviewer sited that the small size of the V3 knob made it unnecessarily harder than it had to be to operate.
Hi Brad

I get where you are coming from now. Man you are one cool dad. AKG K702 and a MF X-Can V8 used or new are some nice pieces of audio equipment to me to be given as a gift. I didn't get any opinions on the USB input portion of the X-Can V8. If I get any info I'll be sure to share.
I have both the K702 and the X-Can V8p. The K702 is not everyone's cup of tea. I think you need to know that going in. The X-Can V8 is a fine headphone amp with plenty of power and a pleasant tonal balance. It's also pretty handy to have both the DAC on board and line input and output. All in all, it's a pretty handy piece of gear to have around, since it can actually be used as a pre-amp if necessary. As a building block to a future system, that's pretty cool.

What is it that you don't like about the sound? If you feel like it's missing bass punch, that's just the 702. It's not a super exciting headphone; it excels at neutrality, detail and, after break-in, a very nice smoothness. For comparison, my AKG K240 and Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 are both more exciting sounding. The W1000, in particular, is way more forward, but not as smooth or open. The K240 is slightly punchier in the mid-bass but less resolving.
To: eujin
Thank you for taking the time in forwarding all the info.
I am hoping that the HD650's provide a little better sonics
and i am hoping that the k702's will inprove with more breakin

Mine is an X-Can V8P, with Pinkie power supply, Emeral Physics DAC 2, Mojo Audio PC and Mojo ribbon interconnects.
I listen a lot when I come home from work - usually just before sunrise - and I don't want to bother the neighbors, or get evicted. My cans are Audio Technica ATH-W1000's and my audio monitors are Mackie HR824's. Video is via a Panasonic 42" pro monitor. My computer runs an i5 at 3.7gHz, Windows 10, VLC media player, Foobar, iTunes. I don't do many "upgrades", since I no longer have the money coming in like I used to, and what I already own is more than I need.
Late as it is for this thread, I would like to mention I just did something I suggest everyone with the resources (this is not cheap) to try. I replaced my Bugle Boys with a pair of NOS Heintz and Kaufman 7308's (with silicon dampening rings) and unplugged the LED. Great 7308's can be purchased for less than the $450.00 I paid for these rare gems, but these came out of my currently unused Art Audio Symphony ll amplifier, which I will sell some time after the Holidays. The improvements are such I will one day - when the spirit moves me - try my X-Can V8P as a preamp, and compare it to my ASL Flora EX DT and my Aum Audio LDR Passive with Paul Hynes power supply. I really think it might actually hold its own against these guys, and it should be a great way to spend an afternoon, eh?
The big volume control is very easy to find in the dark when I want to adjust the volume.
Happy Holidays.