Musical Fidelity X DAC V8 Tube/SS Anyone???

This MF Dac came out a few months ago. Uses 6922 tubes, offers solid state output as well. Latest BB 1794 Dac. Be interested in how it compares to the MF A5 cd player or other tube cd players. Has anyone heard this Dac yet???

I have this DAC and think it is incredible for the price. The only issue with it is the USB input, which seems to be an afterthought. If you really want a good USB DAC go with a Benchmark, otherwise I have no complaints about the X-DACv8. I have spent a little time with the A5 CD player, but the X-DACv8 was a level above it.
Curiosity got the better of me and I now have the X-DACV8. Although it needs to "break-in" fully, I can comment as to how it compares to the A5. The tonality is similiar but the X-DAC V8 is noticeably more robust/extended in the bass/lively, a bit smoother and probably slightly warmer, yet also more resolution. Definitely worth giving a listen to if you are looking for new dac.
Linuxtx, can you say why you thought the USB input on the X-DACv8 seems to be an afterthought? Thanks.