My impression of VPI Scout

I'd like share my impression of VPI Scout player.
I have been looking for a new TT in $1000...1500 range.
Rega P25 and Scout are on my list of contenders.
I was able to audition VPI Scout and Rega P3 tables pretty much in very similar systems. P25 was not available.
I was very obvious that Scout is more neutral and extended on both freq. extremes. Low end was better delineated and rich. I'd say that it also had better, deeper and wider soundstage. Rega sounded more uptight with more confused soundstage. Interesting part was that Rega had more speed and rhythm then scout. I have listened to some rhythmic jazz and Rega always had more drive and better pace. For some reason Scout was too polite and smooth to express ups and downs of musical dance. I was expecting more of PRAT from Scout. I don't know if this was a poor system setup issue of something else.
I'd love to hear from Scout owners (or audio gurus) if you think Scout is more rhythmic player then Rega P25 or P3.
Any comments will be much appreciated.


PS: I think, Scout had one of Benz Micro Cartridges ( It had M2 written on it ) and Rega had usual Elyse.
Kinda comparing apples and oranges. You need the same system and same cartridge on each so a determination can be made on each turntables characteristics reguarding the individual sound. Otherwise, you don't know what you're hearing---cartridge difference, amp, preamp or what.
The Rega was played through all McCormack ss electronics and B&W Nautilus 803 speakers. Scout system used all AR tube electronics and the same 803 speakers. I understand that there are differences due to electronics involved.
I would like to find the answeat to followin question:
I'm looking for a TT that has smooth and extended sound but with a bite, meaning when music calls for it , TT would deliver the sharp and clear edge.
As I undersand Rega P25 is capable of delivering this "edge". I would like to know if Scout can do it too. Can it sound open and fast ?
You've pretty much described the key sonic characteristics of the Scout vs the various Rega turntables.
You can get a bit more extension,authority, staging precision and resolution by carefully addressing the Rega's support and you can get somewhat better pacing and rhythmic drive from the Scout with the optional SDS but neither deck will be fundamentally altered.You could possibly close the gap between them but you'll never make the VPI party down and boogie.
If you thought the P3 was more to your tastes, then the P25 would probably suit your needs much better than the VPI.
Sounds to me like your soul is searching for a direct drive deck: neutrality, smoothness and excellent PRAT (excuse me Ken--boogie factor!). Lak was here yesterday and while I was instaling a cartridge on his TT he got a chance to listen to my KAB modded Technics 1200 with its latest upgrade, the outboard regulated power supply (which has ten times the stock unit's capacitance). I later disconected the external power supply and the musical presentation slowed down. I asked Lak how could the belt drives in the under $3K could compete with this quartz locked speed sensing/correction mechanism? With lots of lead? Right...

The Rega's belt drives the platter from the center axis, while the VPI's is driven on the perimeter of the platter. The Rega is more stable.

Remember, the record contains 50% of the music--the other 50% is the time domain axis and is up to the platter to deliver it. This is all about speed/rotational stability. What you loose you can't compensate for by later upgrading cartridges, tonearms, wires, etc.

turntable pitch stability

Psychicanimal, your assertion that the Rega is more pitch stable makes little sense to me. Motor torque issues aside, because the Rega platter is driven by the subplatter at a radius much smaller than the VPI that is driven by the outer circumference of the platter, the angular momentum imparted by the platter on the motor pulley is much greater for the Rega than it is for the VPI. Thus, what variables are contributed to the platter/belt/motor pulley on the Rega by the LP/cartridge will exceed those of the VPI configuration.
Steve, the closer to the axle a platter is driven, the better. Did you ever spin wood tops when you were a child?

For the record, I'm not against belt drives. My CD transport is belt driven--way to go...
My 2cts. I have just upgraded from a Rega P3 and auditioned a VPI Scout as part of my quest. The Scout was equiped with a Grado Sonata, which I favor as I use a Grado Platinum on my P3, and played through a Rouge Tube system. I was expecting a very warm sound but was surprised to get a very detailed and what I would describe as sterile sound. I suspected the acrylic platter with the record clamp. I removed the record clamp as an experiment and it did help a little but did not fundamentaly change the sound. It sounded good but not what I was looking for. I ended up buying a Nottingham Space Deck for $2K which is a "nicer",quieter sound. I'm currently using my Grado Platinum.