My Musical Fidelity amp died..What's next?

Hello and thanks for helping,

My MF integrated passed away, but it was time for an upgrade anyway... I listen to any kind of music through Maggies 1.7/Oppo sacd/ svc sub. Room is 18x12, I am looking at amps under 4k with lots of juice, integrated favored but space is not a problem..
Not certain if it's still available, but the Anthem I-225 integrated amp seemed to be a favorite with the 1.6's and 1.7's.
Bastanu, which MF integrated did/do you have? What is the problem? How long have you had it? Can't it be serviced? I recently bought an M6si, hence the reasons for the questions. Thanks.
It was A300, dual mono integrated, had it for about 10 years. The right channel is gone, some transistors are fried. The only way of fixing is shipping it to England at a prohibitive cost. There is a MF rep somewhere but he's not returning calls...I am not heart broken, while a decent amp, it was a little bright. Last year I heard the Maggies driven by a Bryston integrated and I was blown away...Thanks everyone for suggestions, I will get Hegel h300 and a Parasound halo integrated, unfortunately I can not listen to many great amps due to my semi-rural location.