My new Tyler Acoustics MM5x's

Just took delivery of a new pair of Tyler Acoustics MM5x's. Not only is Ty Lashbrook a great guy, and a pleasure to deal with, he is a craftsman. These speakers sound great (they aren't broken it yet), but they are also a work of art. I had Ty build these "Mastering Monitors" in a floor standing model with Italian Dark Ebony veneer. They are gorgeous!! A much more "full range" speaker than my previous Usher CP-6311's. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a personal speaker purchase experience to give Ty a call.
Ty is a great guy. I just bought some of Ty's Highland series and they sound great.
Which Highlands did you get?  Impressions? I am strongly considering these for my next speaker purchase.

Congratulations on your new speakers.

Not to hijack, but what positioning did you find best with the Usher? I own the 6311 and enjoy them. Interested in learning from others how they set them up.

For instance - tow in or straight ahead, etc?

 I'm using 225 wpc integrated solid power.



Sorry for the delay.  Haven't gotten onto the 'Gon for a while.  I had the Ushers towed in, not directly at me, but far from straight ahead.  Great detailed speaker, I was just looking for some more bass.


Thanks for the info. I enjoy the Ushers but never will say never. The bass in my room is pretty powerful when called for, but I’m sure there is better. I’ll try the toe in some, currently they are facing forward, no toe in.

I’ve heard good things about Tyler, too. I’m glad you’re happy with yours. Wish there was an easier way for me to demo different speakers - but I’m in a non-audio area.

Thanks again,