My own audio store

I was chatting with a local dealer who knows me well ,and he asked what I wanted to do when the day comes for me to retire. I told him it would be fun to own an audio store, he laughed and said I already have enough gear to open a store. So, I decided to take an invetnory and see what I have, here it is:

Main System:

Oracle Delphi MkIV, SME345 Arm, Grado Reference Cartridge (marble base)

Lehmann Black Cube Phono Preamplifier

YBD CD Integre CD player (Brightstar base, with remote)

Magnum Dynalab FT11 tuner (Brightstar base)

Balanced Audio Technology VK30 Preamplifier (with remote)

Grado RA-1 Headphone Amplifier

Balanced Audio Technology VK500 amplifier (with BATPAK)

Martin Logan Quest Z speakers

MIT Z-Cord II powerstrip

(2) 5' Synergistic Research AC Reference power cords (preamplifier, phono stage)

(1) YBA Diamond power cord (CD player)

(2) Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cords (amplifier)

(2) MIT Z-Cord II power cords (speakers)

(1) Transparent MusicLink 100 interconnect cord (YBA CD player)

Classe Audio interconnect (Lehmann Black Cube Phono stage)

Ultralink Discovery interconnect (Magnum Dynalab tuner, Grado headphone amplifier)

Goertz Micropurl 25' Balanced interconnect (preamplifier to amplifier)

Transparent 10' Bi-Wire speaker cables (spades)

Custom built oak stand for source components, preamplifier, and music. Amplifier stand

Bedroom System:

NAD L40 Receiver (integrated tuner CD player)

B&W LM1 speakers, QED 20' flat ribbon speaker wires

Sony KV ST2050 20" television

Work system:

SystemDek IIX turntable, Profile arm, Grado Black cartridge, EAR feet

Audio Refinement Complete CD player (with remote)

Audio Refinement Complete tuner

NAD 6050C tape deck

Classe Audio Model Thirty preamplifier (with phono stage and remote, EAR feet)

Classe Audio DR-8 amplifier (EAR feet)

Martin Logan Aerius bi-wire speakers (3 Audio Selection spikes under each speaker)

Target wall mounted turntable stand, art deco triangular stand, amplifier stand

Synergistic Research AC Reference power cord (90 degree female plug, amplifier)

(2) Audioquest power cords (preamplifier, CD player)

Martin Logan stock power cords

QED Silver Anniversary flat silver biwire speaker cables, MIT spades and banana plugs

Goertz M1 6' flat balanced interconnect (preamplifier to amplifier)

Cambridge Audio Pacific interconnect (CD player)

Ultralink Challenger interconnect (tape deck)

Cambridge Audio Artic interconnect (tuner)

Phono extension cord
Traveling System:

Panasonic SL-S360 portable CD player

Headroom Airhead headphone amplifier with Headroom travel bag and interconnect

Sennheiser HD600 headphones

Home office system:

Oracle Alexandria turntable, MMT arm, Grado Platinum cartridge

Dynaco CDV-2 Tubed CD player (remote control)

Aragon D2A DAC with external IPS power supply

NAD 7100 Reference Series receiver (remote control)

Totem Rokk biwire speakers

Atlantic Reference series 5-shelf stand (mahogany)

Atlantic Reference series speaker stands (mahogany)

Cambridge Audio K-500 Isomagic Isolation Platform (under the turntable)

QED Silver Anniversary flat silver biwire speaker cables, banana plugs

Sony KV1326R 13" television, wall mounted swivel stand

Tara Labs Space and Time Digital cable

(2) Cambridge Audio Artic Interconnect

Audioquest Powerstrip

Garage System:

NAD 513 3-disc CD player

Denon LA2500 LaserDisc player

Toshiba M675 Super VHS VCR

Toshiba CX2074C 20" Television, wall mounted swivel stand

NAD 7250PE receiver

B&W DM302 speakers, wall-mounted swivel speaker supports

Classe Audio interconnect (CD player)

Monster interconnect (Laser disc and VCR)

Audiophile Reference 5' speaker cable (10 gauge)

Outdoor System:

Pioneer PD M650 6-disc CD player

Carver HR752 receiver (remote)

Mirage Oasis outdoor speakers

Ultralink discovery interconnect

Technicontact FT2 speaker wire

Home Theatre:

Toshiba SD 1600 DVD player

NAD T760 HT Receiver

Sony KV35V35 36" television

(5) Gallo micro speakers

Gallo MPS150 powered subwoofer

Marantz RC2000 MKII remote control

Monster 16 gauge speaker wire

Monster S-video cable
Jeez, everyone lighten up. I didn't go out of my way to type all this stuff, I had it in a Word document and simply cut and pasted here. I felt it would be a good idea to have an inventory in the event theft or fire left me in replacement mode. I also took a bunch of digital pics for archiving purposes, if I worked in the insurance business I'd have some real doubts whether a claim involving all this stuff was legit. Quite honestly, I found the list of gear almost absurd and found a little humour in it all, if anyone thinks I'm strutting cuz I own 7000lbs of stuff, I think you misintrepreted my intentions. Let's face it, there are $250k two channel systems out there, making any of my systems appear to be a notch above my son's boombox. I also find the mix of gear that makes up anyone's system interesting, to see what stuff working together creates a synergistic sound at a particular price point. 'Nuff rambling, enjoy the hobby, we don't need to create our own cartoon sitcom, the Bickersons. Happy listening all, Jeff. p.s. thinking of a bathroom system, but not sure how a high end turntable would hold up to the steam etc..*g*
This forum is for doing whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, as long as its related to audio and video. The ONLY exceptions are: no selling in the forums, and no vulgarity/personal attacks. In voicing your opinion, YOU, and not the thread starter came closest to any rules violation.
I applaud the criticism I received on my responses from jeff and snooker. They were straightforward enough to disagree with me and state their reasons. The rest of you who left negative feedback without a reason should follow their examples and use this forum to discuss ideas, even if we disagree. In my opinion, leaving a negative 2 without a reason is a waste of time. Nobody got a negative from me.
I did not dish out any negative votes at all, Snooker, in case you had your eye on me and thanks for being open and outspoken. I prefer that to being shot in the back. I generally stick to my opinion however, ladylike or not. You might say, I am an audiophile, not a lady. (-:...and Chris, sorry if I irked you, I was not violation of rules I had in mind, but like Bruce I thought "so what" about this thread. I apologise,if I should have seriouly hurt anyone's feelings.
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