My own audio store

I was chatting with a local dealer who knows me well ,and he asked what I wanted to do when the day comes for me to retire. I told him it would be fun to own an audio store, he laughed and said I already have enough gear to open a store. So, I decided to take an invetnory and see what I have, here it is:

Main System:

Oracle Delphi MkIV, SME345 Arm, Grado Reference Cartridge (marble base)

Lehmann Black Cube Phono Preamplifier

YBD CD Integre CD player (Brightstar base, with remote)

Magnum Dynalab FT11 tuner (Brightstar base)

Balanced Audio Technology VK30 Preamplifier (with remote)

Grado RA-1 Headphone Amplifier

Balanced Audio Technology VK500 amplifier (with BATPAK)

Martin Logan Quest Z speakers

MIT Z-Cord II powerstrip

(2) 5' Synergistic Research AC Reference power cords (preamplifier, phono stage)

(1) YBA Diamond power cord (CD player)

(2) Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cords (amplifier)

(2) MIT Z-Cord II power cords (speakers)

(1) Transparent MusicLink 100 interconnect cord (YBA CD player)

Classe Audio interconnect (Lehmann Black Cube Phono stage)

Ultralink Discovery interconnect (Magnum Dynalab tuner, Grado headphone amplifier)

Goertz Micropurl 25' Balanced interconnect (preamplifier to amplifier)

Transparent 10' Bi-Wire speaker cables (spades)

Custom built oak stand for source components, preamplifier, and music. Amplifier stand

Bedroom System:

NAD L40 Receiver (integrated tuner CD player)

B&W LM1 speakers, QED 20' flat ribbon speaker wires

Sony KV ST2050 20" television

Work system:

SystemDek IIX turntable, Profile arm, Grado Black cartridge, EAR feet

Audio Refinement Complete CD player (with remote)

Audio Refinement Complete tuner

NAD 6050C tape deck

Classe Audio Model Thirty preamplifier (with phono stage and remote, EAR feet)

Classe Audio DR-8 amplifier (EAR feet)

Martin Logan Aerius bi-wire speakers (3 Audio Selection spikes under each speaker)

Target wall mounted turntable stand, art deco triangular stand, amplifier stand

Synergistic Research AC Reference power cord (90 degree female plug, amplifier)

(2) Audioquest power cords (preamplifier, CD player)

Martin Logan stock power cords

QED Silver Anniversary flat silver biwire speaker cables, MIT spades and banana plugs

Goertz M1 6' flat balanced interconnect (preamplifier to amplifier)

Cambridge Audio Pacific interconnect (CD player)

Ultralink Challenger interconnect (tape deck)

Cambridge Audio Artic interconnect (tuner)

Phono extension cord
Traveling System:

Panasonic SL-S360 portable CD player

Headroom Airhead headphone amplifier with Headroom travel bag and interconnect

Sennheiser HD600 headphones

Home office system:

Oracle Alexandria turntable, MMT arm, Grado Platinum cartridge

Dynaco CDV-2 Tubed CD player (remote control)

Aragon D2A DAC with external IPS power supply

NAD 7100 Reference Series receiver (remote control)

Totem Rokk biwire speakers

Atlantic Reference series 5-shelf stand (mahogany)

Atlantic Reference series speaker stands (mahogany)

Cambridge Audio K-500 Isomagic Isolation Platform (under the turntable)

QED Silver Anniversary flat silver biwire speaker cables, banana plugs

Sony KV1326R 13" television, wall mounted swivel stand

Tara Labs Space and Time Digital cable

(2) Cambridge Audio Artic Interconnect

Audioquest Powerstrip

Garage System:

NAD 513 3-disc CD player

Denon LA2500 LaserDisc player

Toshiba M675 Super VHS VCR

Toshiba CX2074C 20" Television, wall mounted swivel stand

NAD 7250PE receiver

B&W DM302 speakers, wall-mounted swivel speaker supports

Classe Audio interconnect (CD player)

Monster interconnect (Laser disc and VCR)

Audiophile Reference 5' speaker cable (10 gauge)

Outdoor System:

Pioneer PD M650 6-disc CD player

Carver HR752 receiver (remote)

Mirage Oasis outdoor speakers

Ultralink discovery interconnect

Technicontact FT2 speaker wire

Home Theatre:

Toshiba SD 1600 DVD player

NAD T760 HT Receiver

Sony KV35V35 36" television

(5) Gallo micro speakers

Gallo MPS150 powered subwoofer

Marantz RC2000 MKII remote control

Monster 16 gauge speaker wire

Monster S-video cable
Bruce if you don't care then exercise some manners and say nothing. That would be refreshing
There was a very entertaining thread not long ago about how much excess audio equipment everyone had in their attics. Its interesting to see that your equipment doesn't fall into that category at all -- you've found a use for all of it! I'd be interested in hearing about what you have mothballed. And yes, you do indeed have better stock than my local audio store ;-).

Enjoy the music...
Ken, surprisingly enough, I have an extra tape deck and that's about it (well, usual closet full of IC's and PC's and various tweaks, but that's par for the course). Bought the overwhelming majority of the stuff off the 'net and have benefited from everyone's advice here on Audiogon. My music collection is worth at least 4X all the gear. I suppose it's obvious, but I listen to music everywhere, always. ATB, Jeff
Hey, you hung it out there for comment. I offered an honest opinion and got slammed with negative feedback. I visit these forums to get good ideas on how to improve my system and discover new music. I don’t see any value in patting myself on the back and bragging about what I own. You offer no insight on how it sounds or how you came to make your decisions. I did not intend to offend anyone, but I truly, honestly could care less what equipment you or anyone else has amassed. I apologize if my comments offend you.
Hello Jeff:

I know where you're at with "stuff". I can say in all honesty that I've got as much if not more than you have.
Strange hobby! I'm running 4 systems plus more. Livingroom HT, former master bedroom is 2 channel dedicated, master bedroom has a vintage system, and my home office yet another vintage system. I'm glad I have an understanding lady who shares my home.

Paul, I hear ya (barely, over the tunes blaring). I think if I unplugged all this stuff, my electric bill would fall by 80% overnight. Believe it or not, I'm not a gear-o-phile, I try to throw together balanced systems for the room/application at hand. The components that make up my various systems, I think, show an obvious bias towards musicality with economics in mind. My main system is to my ears, an experience without any real concern for the cost. After that, where I spend a huge chunk of time, at work, I've put together a damned nice rig. Then home office, then.... I like the convienence of being able to listen to music wherever I happen to be at the time. I suppose after over 25 years in this hobby I've learnt a few things, but, find I learn new things daily. Gotta love it!
Jeff, unlike Bruce, I CARE. The reason I care is because I read this site and most of the threads on a regular basis. By doing so I learn a great deal from people who think and act similar to the way I do about audiophilia. I know who is similar by reading their input and recognizing their nick-names, like yours. So when you publish your equipment list, it gives me even more to go on when you express an opinion in a thread. Thank-you for your regular input. To Bruce, I feel it necessary to point out that if you really don't care then you are missing most of what the rest of us get from this site. That is your loss, not ours.
Damn! Do you leave everything powered up all the time? It's all I can do to try to put one kickass system together. How much time do you spend listening?
Ladies and Gentlemen: I believe we have stumbled onto the vortex responsible for the current power shortage! Power that stuff down and let California have some! As an aside, I'm horribly jealous of anyone with more than one high-end turntable! -A future customer
Sorry Jeffloistarca, but I agree with Bruce and evened out some of the negative votes, he got. This site, in my opinion is not for peeing contests but for exchanging knowledge and helping each other.
Yep, I see I got neg. votes from two people and it doesn't take much to deduce where they came from. Thanks for your input, I stand by what I said,
and you both miss most of the point. Katharina. the only one peeing here is you, and it is most unladylike.
Jeez, everyone lighten up. I didn't go out of my way to type all this stuff, I had it in a Word document and simply cut and pasted here. I felt it would be a good idea to have an inventory in the event theft or fire left me in replacement mode. I also took a bunch of digital pics for archiving purposes, if I worked in the insurance business I'd have some real doubts whether a claim involving all this stuff was legit. Quite honestly, I found the list of gear almost absurd and found a little humour in it all, if anyone thinks I'm strutting cuz I own 7000lbs of stuff, I think you misintrepreted my intentions. Let's face it, there are $250k two channel systems out there, making any of my systems appear to be a notch above my son's boombox. I also find the mix of gear that makes up anyone's system interesting, to see what stuff working together creates a synergistic sound at a particular price point. 'Nuff rambling, enjoy the hobby, we don't need to create our own cartoon sitcom, the Bickersons. Happy listening all, Jeff. p.s. thinking of a bathroom system, but not sure how a high end turntable would hold up to the steam etc..*g*
This forum is for doing whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, as long as its related to audio and video. The ONLY exceptions are: no selling in the forums, and no vulgarity/personal attacks. In voicing your opinion, YOU, and not the thread starter came closest to any rules violation.
I applaud the criticism I received on my responses from jeff and snooker. They were straightforward enough to disagree with me and state their reasons. The rest of you who left negative feedback without a reason should follow their examples and use this forum to discuss ideas, even if we disagree. In my opinion, leaving a negative 2 without a reason is a waste of time. Nobody got a negative from me.
I did not dish out any negative votes at all, Snooker, in case you had your eye on me and thanks for being open and outspoken. I prefer that to being shot in the back. I generally stick to my opinion however, ladylike or not. You might say, I am an audiophile, not a lady. (-:...and Chris, sorry if I irked you, I was not violation of rules I had in mind, but like Bruce I thought "so what" about this thread. I apologise,if I should have seriouly hurt anyone's feelings.
KA, now-now, you must have been in a bad mood indeed! Let the children play, even if they should waste server space. We all do sometimes. Cheers.
Ah yes, Snooker I forgot to mention, that even though Katharina was "unladylike", in your opinion, she did not insult anyone personally. You however insulted her very directly and I suppose that is why you collected negative votes. Also from me now, by the way. I think you owe her an apology, especially in the light of her specfic mentioning , that she had not wished to hurt anyone's feeling. Just my opinion in this matter.
I stand corrected on the negative votes. I gave none and now I am sure I do NOT know who gave me some. I do not apologize for pointing out the insulting nature of calling the opinions of those who write in a thread a "peeing contest". Detlof: If a person on this site wishes to dish it out then they had better be able to take the same in return. To Katarina: To your great credit it is obvious from your response above that you can take it as well as give it. I would have said something just as strong to a gentleman, so gender was not an issue. And Katarina, I also appreciate your reminder that we are Audiophiles first. IT WAS NOT my intention to insult you personally. It was my intention to give you my thoughts in writing rather than in a hidden neg. vote. Thank-you for understanding that. I hope we will always be able to share our opinions on this site with the same honesty. In keeping with this, I want you to know I am giving you some well deserved votes for your response to me above....all positive.
Wow, Snooker, seems I misjuged you. After critizising you, I now must admit, that I appreciate very much what you had to say. ..... and put back to zero on this post what I had negatively done before. You have my respect ( for what it is worth)Cheers
Well spoken Snooker and no hard feelings, I hope. I certainly have none. As you say, if you dish it out, you have to take what's coming. Detlof thanks, no need to go into the arena for me though, I fight my own fights. Snook, I'll do like Detlof and give you some ++ votes too, to even out that silly backsniping.
Back to what Jefflois started with: an abundance of systems. I am single and live in a pretty good sized 3-story townhouse. I have always maintained, fed, groomed and enjoyed the highest-end system I could put together downstairs in my listening room, which has some dedicated circuits for the gear and lots and lots of built-in bookcase shelving for CDs and LPs (and now a few SACDs too). There is a fireplace down there and it opens out onto a patio, very nice and private. Somehow, over the 8 yrs I have been living here, I have managed to put up several other systems as well--like Jefflois. A system in my living room started out as just a second system to listen to while cooking dinner, but has ended up (thanks entirely to Audiogon) being another first-class high end system. Upstairs in my bedroom is a home theater system, not too big or expensive, but very nice (Acurus amp and processor, Pioneer DVD player and LD player, Boston Acoustics speakers in cherry to match the bed!) In the kitchen, a mini HT system w/TV, B&W center channel and Bose satellites, Sony A/V receiver, DVD player, satellite receiver, and VCR. That just about does it--like the guy who started this thread, I was inventorying my equipment for my insurance co. who couldn't believe that I wanted/needed more coverage for my personal property than for the actual building and fixtures. Oops-forgot to mention, both here and in the inventory, that I have a small Sony TV w/VCR and spare LD player downstairs in the corner of the listening room right in front of an exercise bike! At least I've found a use for all equipment--and over the last several months on Audiogon I sold everything, down to the last interconnect, that I was not using and just had stored somewhere. I have always felt that I am excessive about music and listening whenever and wherever I happen to be. I'm glad to know there are others; thanks for sharing!
Jeff, i was always interested in QED performance, and didn't know where to buy that cable. How do you like it?
Eldragon, QED wire is one of the best values in audio out there, cheap, and to my ears sounds better than many other highly touted (i.e. pricey) wires. If you're curious, I have two runs of 4' Silver Anniversary bi-wire cable left over (unterminated)I could send your way. I get the QED wire from a local dealer, the biwire I have leftover goes for $9 a running foot, a real steal. Happy listening, Jeff
Jeff, I am surprise you are not using better cables on some of your components, especially the tuners. Cambridge Artic to a Complete Tuner and UltraLink Discovery to the Mag-Dynalab? I notice a lot of people do not use expensive cables on their very expensive tuners.

I have two systems with tuners. My main system has a Onkyo Integra T4087 and I am using a Siltech ST-18G3. The FM sound improvement over a cheaper cable is quite a lot in this system. My Den/Computer Room system has a Onkyo Integra T4017 with a Cambridge Audio Studio Reference. A lot of people knock the Integra Tuners (great reception, but dull sound). They must be using poor cables, because my two Integra's sound great and its the cables that made all the difference. Happy Listening!!


How do I apply for a position in your new store? iirc, de riguer seems to be to post my resume, right folks? I'll work cheap in exchange for one benefit - I get to play with the toys!

Wow Jeff, I don't know if wiring your house that way qualifies you being a store (I think you actually have to sell it) but when you do retire your probably going to put a lot of dealers in your town out of business. I have a humble system in an apartment and am always interested to see how far this hobby goes. Keep up the posting. Regards,
Will you even be able to retire? I think your retirement savings must certainly be tied up in all that equipment!! How much do you really NEED anyway? You've got a house full of rapidly depreciating assets (especially if you bought new equipment). I say simpler is better. For me, focusing on 1 or 2 systems gives me all the hi-fi pleasure and worries I need. To say nothing about freeing up more discretionary income for things like retirement savings, round the world trips, private jets.....
First of all, "if you dont like the thread, my god, dont read it" makes no sense. You have to read it to know what is in it.

Second, I have no problem with you disagreeing with my evaluation of Jeff’s inventory. I should have been more specific about my objections in my initial post, rather than leaving a curt “who cares.” However, I do not appreciate being called an "asshole." This type of vulgarity has no place here. It is a shame that you must lower yourself to this level of crudeness during an otherwise civil exchange of ideas.

My previous ratings on this thread were all positive. I gave you a –2, -2.
*L* Will I ever be able to retire? With three kids (7, 9, and 11) and the threat of them actually attending a post-secondary insititution, it's unlikely. My guess is, in 7 years or so there's gonna be a whack of hardware for sale on AudioGon courtesy of my kid's quest to expand their intellectual horizons. As for depreciating assets, yeah, it all drops some over time but I bought 90% of it used at good prices, so I imagine if/when the day comes to get rid of a bunch of it, I'll do okay (interconnects and power cords notwithstanding). As for the sniping, well, I look at it this way; for those who thought posting a list of gear was bravado look at the bright side, I didn't list all my car stereo gear (yet) *g* Enjoy the toys, Jeff
bruce: simply writing 'who cares' in response to a person who obviously took a great deal of time to write out what most of us consider an interesting post is anything less than civil. as far as bothering to tell me that you've given my response post a -2,-2...good lord, are we back in the sandbox? this is where your now infamous line can be most effectively used: WHO CARES? you still deserve my initial comments and my initial evaluation of your character.
Gotta say I think mr khan might have you here boss. While I might not agree to the letter how he chose to point out your clear lapse in manners or judgment (e.g., I might have said 'assface' or something else instead), in spirit he's got you pinned.

I think it's great anytime anyone (except lev) says anything positive or negative. But if making a negative comment, you need to be extra-sure there is at least something redeeming about it, or it just ain't cool to do. That's the standard. And as such, that comment doesn't pass the simple test. Most everyone here agrees, it sucked all the way around.

Now, we can sit around here all day long going back-and-forth over who is the most-out-of-line for saying what, that was the worst. But. You asked for it. The internet is an 'R' rated adult atmosphere. If you said that same thing to someone's face (you wouldn't, people would slash your tires) you'd expect to be called that or worse. I'd call you that without thinking twice. So, get off the high-horse my man, that apology up there was the better tack.


Chris, you are correct about the possibility of going back and forth all day. That is why these will be my last comments on this subject (feel free to cheer at this point). I apoligize to everyone for dragging them through this. From now on I will stick to discussing audio matters.

I also have no problem with the "spirit" of Khan's post. Disagree with me all you like. Criticize me all you wish. However, unlike you, I do have a problem when it degenerates to name calling. Surely we can do better than that if we are the adults you profess us to be.
Bruce, You mention above that those are your last words on this subject, and you would commit to confining yourself to audio matters only. Are you sure that is right? In retrospect, it seems a little disingenuous.

Who else is on your hit list? Should anyone else be worried about what you are going to dig up and send to Audiogon? I literally cannot believe what you did. The only thing vulgar around here is your bein' a stool pigeon. I just wish Audiogon would not have removed Khan's thread containing your from-a-rat email so everyone else could know what I am talking about. Even so, you gotta admit, you suck pretty bad for that.

Hey - quit trolling, huh? If A-gon spiked the thread, it probably isn't worth our time. And the above post is just a back door approach to reviving it. Please let it die, at least publicly. This is exactly the kind of thing that's gonna stir up all kinds of rancor and reduce the level of useful, civilized conversation we come here for. I strongly encourage Bruce to stick to his word and tackle this privately, and ask you to take it on there, as well.

You could ask why I even care, if I don't like this type of thread I don't have to read it, etc. Well, my answer is twofold: 1. Like all humans, I find carnage fascinating. I'm gonna read those threads like I watch bad hockey games, just to see who gets bloodied. Doesn't mean I like bad hockey games, it's just human nature. Train wreckes, car crashes, Mike Tyson fights, we all are the audience, often despite ourselves. 2. In my opinion, the more this type of thread is developed, the more of this type of thread we're gonna see. People who WANT to raise hell get encouraged by fist fights and happily propagate them throughout the site. We need LESS antagonism on this site, not more. And in my opinion, your post above increases the general antagonism level. Not a good thing for anyone, in my opinion. Which is as close as I can bring this to the core purpose we theoretically all come here to advance - knowledge of audio thru shared experience.

With respect to all:

Cool. I agree with all you say. I was on the fence and considered all you say. I won't go into details, and did not above, but it needed saying and I ain't mailin' anyone offthread, in that sense, I'm standing by it. Full revival would have been restating the facts in all their glory, chewin ass, point-by-point. But good enough, I said what I wanted to say. It was over before you wrote, all involved agree.
Yup, you have a lot of stuff. But as an Audio Store I think you'd go out of business pretty quick. Not much there I'd want to own.