my own experience with Tekton Design

Extremely disappointed with the Dynaudio Contour 60s I bought 4 years ago, after owning for 2 years a wonderful pair of old Dynaudio Contour 3.3s ( poor fool, I thought I was upgrading), I decided to ditch the Dynaudios for something different. So, for the last 2 years, I have been one of the few Tekton Moab owners in Europe, I think. Already the first impression of the Moabs was very positive. I was still not 100 percent satisfied, but I was already much more satisfied than I was with the Contour 60s. After a few months I realized that something was wrong, and after some measurements that I shared with Eric (the owner and designer of Tekton) it was clear that one of the beryllium tweeters was slightly less performing than the other. Probably a problem caused by transportation from the United States to Europe. In any case I experienced in Eric great support, attention and kindness. Eric sent me a replacement tweeter that I personally assembled with very little effort in less than 10 minutes. 

And then wow! It was really a change from day to night. At first I didn't believe that a 15% less tweeter efficiency could make such a huge difference in presentation. But I had to believe it.  I listen mostly to classical, jazz, and ethnic recordings, so for me the most important characteristics of a speaker are timbre quality and soundstage accuracy. The Moabs offer all this naturally, effortlessly. I have no intention of upgrading to anything else. Thanks for everything Eric!


My friend Markr has Moab never have a brightness problem or forwardness. He used Aric amp and preamp.He used to have PS 12 and impact monitor.Audioman 58 your crossover recommendations might overly increase the price.

Let me add my .10cents   I have owned a pair of double impacts for 3 years. I only listen to Rock and Roll, 85 to 90 db. and the DI's have been Great. Outstanding, tight Bass. Good Mid Range and good high end. I just wanted more and better mid range, and high end. I have bugged Eric at Tekton several times, NUMEROUS would be more accurate!!!

I was going for the MOAB's, and as I'm 71YOA would likely be my last speaker. As i said we spoke often. I asked is there anything else out there that you make and would be a step up from the MOAB's for Rock and Roll w/o breaking the bank? He stated that he was just over the experimental stage and in final stages of a NEW Encore speaker for Rock and ROLL Said speakers were brand new. He had already made 2 pairs, Serial numbers 1&2 and 3&4. He described the NEW Encore (special)  12" Italian woofers, and special Mid-range drivers, and If desired a BE tweeter. He gave me a really good price of just a fraction under 10K as I was a previous customer, which I thought was very nice. They each weigh 170lbs. Special crossover specific to these also. After more calls and discussions I ordered them.Carbon Grey. They are almost 6' tall.   Trying no to be to windy. The first pair were destroyed in shipment (Fed EX) after almost 4 months. I almost cried. One month later to the day the New Ones shipped and were at my door. TForce freight was wonderful. (Would recommend them to anyone!!!!)  Got them unpack-aged, not as bad as I thought. 75 hours on them now.  The BASS is actually better than the DI's. The mid range is to die for, as is the high end. My BE tweeter I'm sure will take a while longer to settle in. I have never heard or owned a speaker like this. I can't use the words to describe my delight. I'll try. Bass is very STRONG and Tight and Accurate. Mid range, so accurate, you are almost there!! Top end is wonderful. Sound stage from this 6' monster is HUGE!!!  I'm sure there are other great speakers in or around this price point out there. Or maybe you have to spend more, I don't know. I'm just telling you that Eric and his team kept me informed constantly, even when the earlier pair were destroyed.  Customer service is everything to me, as it is to most. I initially had some issues(not with the speakers) but with streaming drivers and computer drivers,  sound settings and updates etc. He had called me 3 times to see how I liked them, how often do you get that from the owner of the company??????????  To almost end.   So everyone knows that I own some quality pieces to compliment these speakers. Amp Pass 250.8, Benchmark LA-4, SVS SB 4000 sub, Bricasti M1 SE DAC with network card, RS2T transport and LTA Linear power supply. Stream Qobuz via Audirvana. Room is huge 30'x40' 14' ceilings. You are THERE feeling!!!! Eric and his staff have treated me GREAT!!! The phone calls,so impressed me. Just wanted to share MY actual experience. Robert Shaw TN


Thanks for sharing your very positive experience with Eric and his Renton speakers. It's obvious that you are quite satisfied and isn't that the entire objective we seek?👍


 I have owned a pair of double impacts for 3 years. I only listen to Rock and Roll, 85 to 90 db. and the DI's have been Great.

This might be why I didn't favor them. I like classical and jazz as well as rock, and typically listen around 80 db.