NAD 375BEE v Anthem 225 v Cambridge 840v2

Has anyone had a chance to audition any of these side by side? I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks,keith

Depends what you like, the NAD is a warm punchy sound.

The Cambridge is cleaner with more detail.

Feature wise the Cambridge is way cooler with its very informative display and extensive feature set.

I haven't heard the Anthem yet. I would say it comes out way more to personal taste then anything else both of these products are really, really good both in sound quality and value for money.

It will also matter what speakers, cabling and source components as well.

There is no clear winner int this arena all three are excellent, but what do I know I have over 20 years professional experience!
Stereophile this month has a comparison of other NAD-CA items and is complimentary to both.