Nad or Jolida....That is the question...?

Hi, I recently bought a pair of JBL ND310 speakers for music mainly and the sansui integrated *Vintage* Is having problems with noise...soo all i hae now is my cheapo reciever. I plan on buying a 2 channel amp. With at least 100 wpc in the future and i have kinof narrowed it down to a couple..the NAD c370 and the Jolida 1501. Bolth in the $550-$575 price range. I like to have nice clear highs and smooth mids as well as enough power for my dual 10" woofers. So i can FEEL that bass drum....yeah....gotta love that....Anyway i am kina going more for the nad..And what are your suggestions about my choices?........Maybe suggest some more amps in that range.. i Am looking for an integrated or maybe integrated mono blocks..But anyway.. Just wantd to know what you all thought.. My speakers specs are 91 db, 250 watt And they like power. Well thanks i look forward to your responses. Brandon
You are correct, Pls1. I was thinking of the all-tube 502 series, which I would still take over the current NADs. I don't normally associate Jolidas with hybrids, but I guess they now make them too. As did Luxman and does Anthem. But if you can live without the current, I still prefer tubes in the output stage.
Yes the 502 series are great amps. I've got one in our master bedroom system and one in my corporate apartment where I often stay a few nights a week.
Hey thanks for all your responses but when it comes down to it i think i am going for the nad. I have heard that the jolida's QC is pretty iffy but...I think the nad may be more for me anyway. Thanks