Jolida JD100A Reliability

Hi all. I was just wondering how the reliability has been with the Jolida JD100 CDP?

Also, does this player perform well with CD-Rs/CD-RWs and scratched discs?

I owned the Jolida for a year. I bought it new and never had a problem. I don't play many scratched or burned CDs, but what I did play ran fine. I can't recall any "mis reads" with the unit. I think a search here may show up some other threads along your line of questioning also. Good luck.
I've owned the JD-100 for well over a year. I have never had a problem playing a CD or CDR. I've also spoken with two well respected audio repair people. Both individuals spoke highly about the design, parts quality & build of the Jolida. You can buy this unit with a high level of confidence.
I've owned one since they first came out some 3 or 4 years ago (can't remember exactly when I brought it home) and have never had a problem. Plays CD-Rs burned on all sorts of media using all sorts of burners and programs over the years.