NAD T 765 upgrade in audio performance

I have a NAD T 765 HD Receiver, the new model from 2013 with HD Audio (VM100/AM100) Modular Design Construction (MDC). I have an offer from my colleague who wants to buy the unit for $770. The reasons I bought the NAD was because I wanted the best audio performance available in an AVR.

So my questions:

1-Is the offer strong enough to let the unit go?

2-What unit at a price range of $800 USED can outperform the NAD T765?

Thank you guys for advice.

Two mutually exclusive suggestions for you to ponder:

(1) Within the AVR arena at your suggested pricepoint strata, there are numerous brands thst will be a step-up in audio performance from your NAD. ARCAM, CAMBRIDGE, and ANTHEM AVRs are the first three contenders off the mark .... Google the reviews....better still go audition them.

(2) Without prejudice to anything immediately above, a quality Euro-build 2-channel integrated amplifier at the same comparative price point strata will easily best any AVR in audio performance .... full stop.

The degree of audio performance improvement in a quality-build integrated over an AVR will not be subtle.

The list of available suitable integrated amp contenders at the $1,000-ish (+/-) price point strata is a long one.

IMO sell your NAD AVR and move on if you are seriously planning an integral step to improve your 2-channel audio performance.

Why are you considering selling? I spoke(email) with NAD tech support about 2 weeks ago and they confirmed that the VM300/AM300 modules will be compatible with the T7#5 AVR’s and T175HD pre/pro later in the year. I have the T175HD and I am holding out for at least the VM300.

I do think the offer is fair.