Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge

I recently picked up a Sony PS-X6 turntable. It came with a entry level Grado cartridge. The Grado actually sounded fairly good but I upgraded to the Nagaoka MP-110. The Nagaoka has much more detail although I find it sounds slightly analytical. But my main problem is that some tracks on some of my albums are now skipping and this didn't happen with the Grado. any ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks.
Make sure:
1. Your tracking weight is correct. Get a stylus scales for $10.
2. Your anti-skating is not set too high or off.
3. The cueing mechanism isn’t catching the underside of the arm.
4. The stylus is clean. Drop and lift stylus into a magic eraser.
5. Records are clean.
Thanks. I'll increase the weight to 2 grams and see if that helps. I've had it set at 1.8.