Naim N272 or the Vega G2..that is the question!

I see both have apps that will control the units and both to be said to sound fantastic. Trick will be, finding someone that has heard and knows both. Playing files from my NAS in the best quality sound between the 2 is what I'm after. Streaming radio stations I could care less about. Anyone????????????????????????????
Really apples and oranges. 

Naim is known for having a warm, punchy sound that is really different than most other companies. The NAC 272 is a real preamplifier with multiple ins and outs for analog and is of course a fully active analog preamplifier.

The Auralic is more of a dac with an analog input.  The Auralic is going to have Auralic traits clean and detailed sound. 

If you like a more tube like presentation then Naim will be better if you prefer clean and articulate then Auarlic.

The question is do you need analog inputs or just volume control?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Naim dealers