Naim Nait 5i-2 for Totem Sttaf

I am close to going with the Nait 5i-2 for driving Totem Sttafs. The room is moderate size and the levels will be modest (apartment). Music is jazz, vocal and small classical. I am looking for feedback from people who have heard this combination. Creek 5350 is also a possibility, although I am drawn to the musicality of Naim. This system is in Geneva Switzerland, so the options are somewhat limited. Any comments on the Naim Sttaf combo?
I haven't heard the combination, but Totem speakers are highly thought of by many on the Naim forum, and the Sttafs are said to be among the easiest Totems to drive. The Nait 5i/5i-2 is a very capable integrated. If you are attracted to the Naim presentation, it sounds like an excellent match.
A friend on another forum has the Nait/Sttaf combo and loves it. Haven't heard it, but I've heard other Totems with the Nait and other Naim gear and it was always a great match to my ears.

The Nait 5i-2 is a better integrated than the Creek to my ears. That's a personal thing that I'm sure some would disagree on. If you like what Naim does, you'll most likely really like what the Nait and Sttaf do together IMO.
Thanks for the feedback. I ordered the 5i today. Should be a great match with the Sttaf.
You will be pleased. I listened to the Naim with Totem Dreamcatchers, and it was fantastic. Enjoy.

Things should work out great! Let us know how you make out. I have used both Naim 5i-2 and XS with Totem Arro and DreamCatcher. Naim + Totem= sweet music.
I was using totem mites with my 5i's but switched to harbeth 3's. THe mites sounded good but really the harbeths are amazing (again the harbeth are alot more expensive) but the naim harbeth combo is excellent in my opinion!
Haven't heard the Totem Staffs, but I love the Naim - Dali combo. Great synergy there, especially for classical.
Op, let us know how the Nait works with your speakers. I've heard good things about that combo.
Danm66, would you go into more detail about the differences in the good sound from the Mites and the amazing sound from the 3's when used with the 5i. Thanks.
Like many previous posters, I haven't heard the Nait 5i2 - Totem Sttaf combo, but my office system consists of a Nait 5i2 driving Totem model 1 signatures and it is very satisfying. I'd expect the "house sound" of Totem to carry over and give you a really fun listening experience.

Happy listening!
We went with the Naim for driving the Sttafs. The system is my sister-in-laws and she lives in Geneva, Switzerland, so I have not heard the system, except over the phone. She is very pleased with it. I need to get over there to listen to it. We shipped the Sttafs from Boston (on her flight home, as baggage) and got the Naim in Switzerland to get the 220 version. I am looking forward to hearing the final system.
I do some casual work for a local hi fi dealer who is thankfully a NAIM and Totem dealer.

I have worked through many combinations of NAIM gear with a range of Totem speakers, to get some running time up on the speakers.

At home , I have a NAIT 5i-2 , and I will be getting Dreamcatchers to go with it. If you have not heard Dreamcatchers in a small room environment, you need to give them a shot.

I have never, in 40 years, come across a combination that is just so capable. Amazing depth and spread of music. Almost compltely transparent. As I say, this is a small room ( long narrow study) combo. If I could fit the Arros or Sttafs, I'd look seriously at them, as I've used both with the 5i to great satisfaction.
Q: Why do you think there are so few second hand Totems around internationally? Are they that good that no one sells them.
BASS ; Yes, well there's half an octave missing from the Dreamcatchers, but I'll get by. Check out how much air moves through that rear port!
I'm thinking of a used Nait 5i-2 or XS what differences will I notice? Right now I have Minuets and Nad 326bee but I'm thinking of Harbeth P3ser or Totems. I have a small space 10x11 x8. Any guidance to a complicated question? I have Primaluna and Spica Angelus in my living room with a CEC and really like that heard exposure 2010s compared to Primaluna and liked the Primaluna better.