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Vintage McIntosh Fans In Houston
I'm just getting to know McIntosh. My parents had a MAC1700. I had an original MA275 but didn't know what it was until after I sold it a few years later. Now I'm looking for an newer MA 6600 for my son. Have any thoughts?Brian 
Integrated Amplifier for Silverline Minuet Supreme
I have a set of Minuets (not the Supremes) and I'm using a Nad 326 Bee with very satisfying results. Great mids and highs. Vocals are wonderful.Brian 
Speakers for Rega Brio R and/or Nad 326bee
thanks all. 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
Unfortunately the TC50s are to big for my application. I have had them and loved them. They were wonderful even for 2.1 movies.Brian 
Mini Monitors under $500 used
Magnumpi, did you mean to say $60 or $600?Brian 
Mini Monitors under $500 used
I have listened to the NHT Super Zero, PSB alpha B1, Silverline Minuet, Paradigm mini Monotors. So far the Minuets and Mini Mononitors sound the best for me. The Minuets are smaller and have a very large sound. The Mini Monitors have this great 3 ... 
Naim Nait 5i-2 for Totem Sttaf
I'm thinking of a used Nait 5i-2 or XS what differences will I notice? Right now I have Minuets and Nad 326bee but I'm thinking of Harbeth P3ser or Totems. I have a small space 10x11 x8. Any guidance to a complicated question? I have Primaluna and... 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
Honest1, I have a pair of Angelus for the living room with tubes and love them. Love the whole line. What do you recommend with NAD that sounds similar for small room 11x10? 
What speakers for Primaluna
I am using a pair of Spica Angelus and love the sound. needs bass for many. Also using CEC TL51XR.Briqn 
Does the NAD 326 Bee Integrated amp run hot
Mine runs hot too. Running small mini monitors.Brian 
Mini Monitors under $500 used
also just read about Silver Minuet supreme and Harbeth (which are much more expensive).Brian 
Mini Monitors under $500 used
anyone pair the 326 with a pr of Paradigm mini monitors? wonder if the PSB speakers or Paradigm mate better.Brian 
Audio Aero Prima 24/192 Mk II cd player......
How does the Prima sound compared to the CEC TL51XR? 
Marantz SA8260 plus Scott Nixon Tube Dac
I'm now looking for an answer to your same question. What ever happened?Brian 
Anthem mrx500 vs onyko TX NR 809
Just had my system calibrated using ARC, wow what an improvement. The system has all the nevelopemnt I want and sounds great. Wish I knew what the 809 sounded like so I could tell if the additional $600 was worth it but I am very very happy with m...