Nain Audio

I have a complete Naim 500 Series rig, including the NAP 500 amp, the NAC 552 pre-amp, and the CD555.   Additionally, I have a Kuzma Stabi XL TT and a Revox R2R.  I am seriously considering upgrading to the Naim Statement amp and pre-amp.  My question is, does anyone have experience with both the 500's and the Statement?  I'm trying to discern just how much of an improvement over the 500's the Statement provides.  
Thanks , in advance, for your help!

I agree that the 555 CD player is remarkably close to vinyl in terms of sound.  When I went from that player to the NDS server, what I noticed was that there was a substantial increase in the difference between vinyl and digital playback.  I could try to adjust the tonal balance using my speaker controls, but, I am too lazy.  Besides, I don't think a change in tonal balance would have addressed most of the difference.  I feel that the 555 server is closer than the NDS to sounding like vinyl, but I do suspect that the CD player is even closer (I can't confirm this because I traded in the CD player. 

The lucky person who bought my old 555 CD player got something really nice sounding which should deliver years of pleasure (because it had a new transport recently installed).
Yeah.  I still have my CDS3 in a second system with my old 250 and 252.  I found that the NDS sounds very much like the CDS3, even when played through a 500 and 552 and two 555 PS.
Just a note, you can find Naim clones, mainly NAP200 and 250s, all over AliExpress. You can find higher end models and power supplies on Taobao.