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I have a complete Naim 500 Series rig, including the NAP 500 amp, the NAC 552 pre-amp, and the CD555.   Additionally, I have a Kuzma Stabi XL TT and a Revox R2R.  I am seriously considering upgrading to the Naim Statement amp and pre-amp.  My question is, does anyone have experience with both the 500's and the Statement?  I'm trying to discern just how much of an improvement over the 500's the Statement provides.  
Thanks , in advance, for your help!

Can you fix the thread title? You may get some responses that way there are enough Naim users here.
Not many Naim owners here. You're better off at the Naim forum, although I doubt there are many Statement owners in the world at all.  But that said, playing at the level you are at, I can't imagine that any Naim statement dealer would not gladly pay your transportation to demo the Statements against the 500s for you.  Not that you would need their money if you can afford the Statements, or even the 500s.  BTW, did you add a second power supply to the CD555?  That is one killer CD player.  
@chayro.....To answer your question, yes, I do have a second 555 power supply for the CD 555.  I think that makes for one of the finest CD players ever made.
Im shopping for a Naim player, query, have you compared the 555 player with the CD5si, CD5 XS, and CDS3?   
I once had the CDS3, and then later, the CD555.  I liked both players, but, the CD555 is quite exceptional.  It had a meaty, full sound, without being murky or sluggish like other players that can be described this way.  But, because of how hard it is to access a large CD collection, I bought an NDS server (I loaned the CD555 to a friend).  I did not think the NDS sounded as good as the CD555 player.  When I upgraded the server to a 555 server/uniti Core  setup, I traded in the CD555 player.  I like the new server, it is pretty much on par with the CD player.  By the way, I utilize a single 555 DR power supply and do not plan to upgrade by getting another 555 DR power supply.
about 3 years ago I had the CDS3 w/XPS hooked into a 250, 252.  I then was able to acquire CD555 w/ 2 555DR'd PSU.  At that time I had never before seen or heard the CD555.  I bought the 555 pieces used from a dealer for around $15k, a fantastic opportunity, I believed.  I was nervous about whether the new player would be substantially better than my CDS3, which I thought was great.  When I received the new gear I hooked it up and kept the CDS3 connected as well so that I could do an A/B comparison.  

I placed a copy of Hotel California in each player and pressed play simultaneously on each.  As I listened to the CDS3, I got a bit nervous because it sounded very good.  About 30 seconds into the cut I switched to the 555.  It took no more than 3 seconds to have an OMG moment!  That's all it took to alleviate any and all concerns I had about the upgrade being worthwhile.

Now, to be fair, besides the difference in transports, the power supplies were not the same - an XPS for the CDS3 and two 555's for the CD555.  That being said, the 555 came much closer to sounding like vinyl than I thought any CD player ever could.  I have since upgraded the rest of my system to a 500 amp and 552 pre, both DR'd.  Those upgrades proved, even further, just how fantastic the 555 is.

This is a very long answer to your question, but I hope it helps.

BTW, I just arranged to upgrade from the 500/552 to a Statement.  It should arrive in about 2 or 3 weeks.  Obviously, I cannot wait to hear it!

I agree that the 555 CD player is remarkably close to vinyl in terms of sound.  When I went from that player to the NDS server, what I noticed was that there was a substantial increase in the difference between vinyl and digital playback.  I could try to adjust the tonal balance using my speaker controls, but, I am too lazy.  Besides, I don't think a change in tonal balance would have addressed most of the difference.  I feel that the 555 server is closer than the NDS to sounding like vinyl, but I do suspect that the CD player is even closer (I can't confirm this because I traded in the CD player. 

The lucky person who bought my old 555 CD player got something really nice sounding which should deliver years of pleasure (because it had a new transport recently installed).
Yeah.  I still have my CDS3 in a second system with my old 250 and 252.  I found that the NDS sounds very much like the CDS3, even when played through a 500 and 552 and two 555 PS.
Just a note, you can find Naim clones, mainly NAP200 and 250s, all over AliExpress. You can find higher end models and power supplies on Taobao.