Nakamichi "SoundSpace" systems...question.

Hello,  I currently have a SoundSpace 5 and gave one to my youngest son some years ago...and both still work well.  A question for any of you with experience, were any other Nakamichi SoundSpace systems good?  I know some were more expensive with larger speakers..etc.  I have heard of some reliability issues with some of the systems that followed the model 5.  

I do have a main system, but have used and liked the Nak 5 for secondary rooms, bedrooms etc.  I just have no knowledge or experience with any of the other models.  Thanks, Jim
Ok, So Nakamichi SoundSpace units was offered to Brick and mortar stores like:ie Good guys and i think Circuit City stores during the late 90's. some of the larger systems was installed in record stores out here on the west coast. but they always had operating issues in the stores so they switched to different system, Nakamichi soundSpace units was the last go around for them because they had a shrinking distribution channel and with a recession in the early 1990's, a chinese company acquired them and now i think they are back in business, but they are not what they was with their great tape decks. i think they made three models, but all was offered in superstores and not considered high end. just a stereo in the box for the den or office, i feel to compete with Bose.