Nakamichi Soundspace systems, your experience?

I've had the SoundSpace 5 in the past and liked it.  Is the 5 still the best model?  I have seen the other models, but have no experience in their sound or reliabliity.  Any experience you can share?  


There are better sounding ones out there for less money, if you google and research all in one systems.


Can you use something like NAD Viso dvd-receiver, with your favorite bookshelf speakers? They will sound better. You can get a used VIso on eBay for a song. 


Other companies make similar products as NAD. 


Although Nakamichi looks good, the sound is not stellar (I like the amp section, but the speakers leave something to be desired for an audiophile like us).





McIntosh has all in one system but pricey.

These would sound better than Nak.