Nasotec VEM spike and shoe footers: any users here?

I need to buy one or two sets of footers for solid state components which will sit on shelves of a Symposium Acoustics Foundation rack that I have on order. I have two sets of Ingress Engineering speaker footers (the ones with two cups and one ball in each set) and am pleased with their effect under a disc player and preamp, currently sitting on glass shelves. I may well order more of those, since they are reasonably priced. Used Solid Tech feet of silence are another possibility. I noticed the Nasotec VEM spike and shoe footers listed here on Audiogon but have not found any reviews of them online. Has anyone here used these as footers under components, and if so on what kind of rack or shelf? What are your impressions of their usefulness in this application? 
Yes I use 1 set of three under my pre-amp/dac and love the improvement they bring. Also use the Ingress rollerballs and while the Ingress is wonderful the Nasotec VEM footers sound better IMHO. 
I might place another order for the nasotec so if interested PM me. 
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I have the previous version of the Nasotec spike/shoe. Compared to Stillpoints SS, the Nasotec are not as adept at unveiling hidden detailed nuances but have less of a tendency to highlight sibilance and recording "digititis." I prefer the Nasotec to Stillpoints under my PS Audio BHK preamp. Their main downside is that heavy power cords or stiff interconnects can tend to skew the component sideways because the surface of the Spike is quite slick. The weight limit on the early version spike/shoe precludes use under very heavy equipment, not sure about the current iteration.