Need 10ft -15ft MIT CVT Terminator 1 Speaker Cables

I’ve moved my system to a larger, wider room, and now I need longer speaker cables than my current 8’ MIT CVT Terminator 1s. 
Does anyone out there in the forum have any 10ft, 12ft or 15ft cables you want to sell (all my interconnects are CVT 1s and 2s, so I don’t want to switch brands)?

Please let me know.
Scott is your system naturally BRIGHT sounding? Is this why your using MIT's? Normally we use MIT's to tame a stereo from being to bright, I for one think this is a great time to try some cables that dont have boxes on them, these Network interface devices tend to limit dynamics and can darken or add unwanted color to the sound....Sure you get beautiful music coming out of boxes in front of you, but if you want to hear instruments in your listening room you might try getting away from MIT's.

Matt M
@mattmiller - I find in personal experience just the opposite to be true. 
My MIT interconnects and speaker cables are the farthest thing from "limited dynamics, darken sound, or add unwanted color."
They seem to be tonally neutral, separating out noise at every part of the spectrum, letting through just the right amount of clarity and detail. Many dealers of Wilson Audio and Magico agree that MIT cabling is a very important part of optimum sound.

mattmiller, very much the opposite… keithtexas is absolutely correct, MIT CVT Terminators are not only tonally neutral, they open up musical details and add air around every note and instrument. Perhaps the person you got your information from did not break them in for the prerequisite 200 hours? The Stereophile review of the cables is spot on - after adding them to my system, I heard details in each and every recording that I’d never noticed before, regardless of the source material.

Thank you, keithtexas for stepping in and responding for me.