Fun Article about Dynamic Speakers with Wood Cones


I think these would be interesting to listen to.
That's great! Of course, I can already anticipate the great wood type debate that will be raging in 5 years. What kind of exotic woods will be the best? ;-)

Oh well. I do wonder if the speakers sound better after the consumption of sake???

Niravp: I stumbled across this article, too, and was about to post it, but you beat me to it! I'd be interested to hear from anyone who wants to try soaking their Tenor OTL's in sake to see if it improves the sound.

If it does, our new motto should be "Art for art's sake; sake for sound's sake!"

Rel, I assume that you,too, also enjoy the music of "10 CC", one of my favorite "art" groups of the '70's! Indeed, technology takes a giant step forward...soaked in booze for hours, and still being able to get a "woody"!
That's awesome. Pretty clever too.

Ya know, i dont doubt that it really works. I mean hell, when i lived in japan i would go out drinking at the karaoke bars, and my voice certainly sounded better after soaking my throat in sake.