Need a new integrated, what say you?

I’m in need of a new integrated amp. My old ML 383 had developed issues and was in need of a refurbish. This wasn’t in my budget so it was sold, along with some other hifi items that were no longer needed, to allow for a new integrated. My budget is roughly $2,000 or less. Room specs are roughly 12x12 with an extended outcove area of approx 5x7. My speakers are about 6.5ft apart (center to center) and I sit roughly 8ft away. So my system is in a small room and in a nearfield-ish arrangement. Speakers are Revel F30’s and source is Cambridge 851C. As for integrateds, I was thinking about the matching Cambridge 851A, Parasound Halo (original), and Hegel H160. A friend of mine is selling a Primare I21 and had thought about that too. This is a 75 at 8, 125 at 4 integrated, but reportedly has grunt to push bigger speakers. Looking for other suggestions and guidance.


I certainly like the sound of my Cayin A88T, but not enough power for you, 22 wpc triode; 45 wpc ultra-linear

mikeyb’s suggestion seems a good one with enough power.

Cayin build quality is excellent, take the bottom off, beautiful.

This review is what made me try it, glad I did


I have a Buchardt i150 integrated amplifier. Room correction, full blown parametric eq, great subwoofer integration, remote, stste of the art Class D amplifier section and if simply used as a preamplifier it is sonically hard to beat! I have a basement full of great HiFi and I love the Buchardt….

I bought a used Hegel H160 a couple of year ago and think it is a wonderful integrated amp.

This is what I would buy: (From TMR)

I think it's 5% off for Black Monday:

150 wpc ... never heard a bad review from MF gear