Need adjustable shelving TV stand for large Revel C208 center channel speaker

I have purchased a Revel C208 center channel speaker which has a 12 inch height and so won't fit into my current open shelving TV stand.  If possible I need to find something with a middle shelf around 12+ inches and a bottom shelf of 9+ inches,  preferably adjustable and one that looks reasonably nice.  I found this picture of a stand with what appears to be adjustable wooden shelving which here shows a Revel C208 in the middle center area.  Does anyone recognize this shelving, or have a good suggestion for anything similar?  My 65 inch plasma TV with its own stand will sit on the top shelf.  Thank you.
Looks like either Salamander Archetype or Quadraspire. Either is adjustable, I use the Salamander Synergy which offers a lot of flexibility.
Yes, it does look like the shelving is Salamander Archetype, thank you very much for your help and feedback on Salamander.