Need advice ono a Tube preamp

I have never tried tubes.I am currently running B+W matrix 801s seriesIII.I have several bryston amps a few 3b ssts,4b sst and 3 bst.I also just purchased a sony scd-1 and a moon eclipse.
I wanted to try a tube preamp in this system.I have never tried one and I know little or nothing about them.OK,I know nothing about them is more like
I don't want to sacrifice bass response,channel seperation etc but want to warm up the highs abit.Is this possible with a tube preamp or Should I try something else?

Manley Steelhead is an excellent choice. The phono stage is killer and bested the CAT ultimate IMHO
A cheaper way to check out tube pre amps is the AES AE3. You can find them used on aoccasion. There,s one on the Gon right now for 400. And there are plenty of 6sn7 nos tubes.
I love mine, it's sound, and it's simplicity.
If I buy a tube preamp new then:
1) how long does it take to burn in
2) how often do you need to change tubes
3)will changing the type of tubes affect the sound much/little and if so are there certain tubes that are considered to be better than others?
Sorry for all the questions but I have really no idea about this stuff and am trying to lern before I buy.
Thanks for all the input.
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