Need advice to select a Pre Amp

Searching for a good sounding pre amp to match my Bryston 7B-ST and PSB Stratus Gold i speakers. Cables are Audioquest Diamond X2 RCA Speaker cables are Audioquest Dragon and Clear 3 bi wire.
I am biased.I love my Rogue 66.If tubes are your leaning to tame the SS front end this unit will sound good,Under 1k used.
You might also give BAT VK3i a try. A couple for sale now. Should be able to get for about 1k line only, more for phono and/or remote. I am using it w/DNA 0.5 dlx right now and it sounds fine.
Consider the Audible Illusions Modulus 3a. I recently upgraded from a Mod3 to a 3a -- the newer version is *substantially* better in my system (the Mod3 was
no slouch either). BTW, I am also using AQ IC's and speaker cable (subs only) -- both the 3 and 3a seem to like my combination of Diamond, Emerald and Lapis (original version).