Need amp for a Rotel RC-970BX

I have acquire a Rotel RC-970BX preamplifier. I am still in need of an amp which it will be driving a pair of DIY speakers. The speakers specification are around 100rms/8ohms with senitivity around 87. My budget would be around 600 for an amp, but limited to. What are a good recommendation for an amp? Thanks
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You might want to research Rotel amps, they made some really nice one's. With those speakers with the 87db SPL will need some power. Just do google search for Rotel amp reviews and read all about em!!
Thank for the response racamuti. I have made my decision to go with a Rotel RB-1050. Although it would be underpowered, it is not going to use at loud levels.
Well, unfortunately I not going to get the Rotel amp. Owner back out so I am stuck with another amp recommendation. I got an eye on two amps  B&K 125.2 or a ST1400.