Need Copper Cables for 18ft Runs: Bang for Buck

My Def Tech speakers are 18 ft from my amp. (Plinius) Looking for bass and high end extension. Can you recommend a solid performing cable top to bottom for a full range speaker in longer runs?I know longer runs degrade the signal more. I need something built to minimize signal degradation caused by longer runs. I'm not willing to spend thousands on the usual suspects for my 18ft. runs like (Cardas, JPS, Wireworld, MIT, Synergistics, Acoustic Zen, Nordost etc.) so best bang for your buck types are what I seek opinions on. I've used Tara Labs Omni, SignalCable, AP Oval 9, and right now Anticables which roll the highs and upper mids. So you can see I've been trying inexpensive brands. I've read some good things about these less expensive brands: MAS, Element, LAT, Reality Cables, Blue Jeans, Oritek,and others. Any thoughts? I'm leaning towards trying out Element: Anyone know the difference between the sonics of their EC double run vs. Twisted Pair? Element says their EC Double Run is designed for larger speakers needing more current and used in longer runs -so they sound like a good choice for my purpose. I'm also looking for a cable that fills in the sound of leaner speakers with out rolling off the highs. I guess I don't want much for my buck! Thanks for your help!
I have 20ft runs of continuous cast copper 12 ga Vampire Wire. Call Stuart at Sound Connections. Mine are separate red and black cables. Run them parallel or twist them how you want. Stuart put spades on mine but he'll do whatever you want and Vampire makes some of the industry's highest quality connectors. Straight neutral sound.
AlphaCore Goertz MI-2 Veracity should work for you. Excellent cable at an affordable price.
Although I now use Reality Cable which replaced Alpha Core MI-3 Divinity, the Alpha Core is wonderful. In my own experience, the Reality is better in two systems, but you won't be sorry, either way, except by direct comparison.
From what I remember, Reality is more "bang for the buck".
Vampire OFC RCA jacks were added to my Reality IC's and provide an audible upgrade for the IC part of Reality line. Mt10425 is quite right about Vampire's connectors improving performance of some cable designs.
I vote to try the Alpha Core MI-2. Not sure about the synergy with Def Tech. Of the cables I have had in my system the Alpha Core is the best regardless of price. I used Kimber Bifocal XL for years and the Alpha Core is better in every respect. Keep in mind I have Vandersteen 3A sigs and from what Ive heard the Vandys love Alpha Core. This may not be the case with Def Tech. Good luck.
Try twisting the Anti-cables. I had long (35')runs of 12Ga magnet wire (like Anti-Cables), and didn't like the sound . I twisted them together by tying one end to a screw eye chucked into a drill, clamping the other ends in a vise and letting it rip. I twisted until I had a twist every inch or 2. A number of weeks lapsed between the time I had listened untwisted and twisted, but I thought the twisted version didn't sound bad. I then cut them down to 25', and that made a considerable improvement. Sorry about the lack of scientific rigor in my testing, but I'm really sick of listening to components. I really just want to listen to music, and haven't been working on the system much (although it's not quite where I want it to sound, though). I would be very interested in your thoughts if you try this out. It's free, and could solve your problem. Make sure the wires are not shorted together after twisting them. (Use an ohm meter, or hook a battery and flashlight bulb between them).
I can't recommend the Speltz Anti-Cables highly enough. VERY reasonably priced, and they outperformed Nordost SPM in my system. A rare case of the hype being entirely justified, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Check out Unity Audio Monster Link (9 guage). I'm using a 15' pair with very satisfying results. Smooth highs, very good mid and good bass control. Overall, a very "full bodied" sound. All for a VERY reasonable price too. You might want to check out "" for some pricing (quoted in Canadian $$$). There is usually a pair or two listed on ebay in one of their on-line auctions each week. Check it out. Hope this helps.
My first suggestion would also have been the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2, but they've been mentioned. If the MI2 cable is still too expensive for your budget, then my next-best recommendation is Kimber Kable 4TC.

I have a plinius SA250 and I use analysis Plus Oval 9's speaker cables and Solo interconnects and they are truly your best bang for the buck. I tested cables two and three times expensive and they couldn't hold a candle to the
Oval 9's. I have a twenty foot pair I was going to use for my rears in my home threater but the were five feet to short
if your interested.
Is the best bang for the buck.About the price of a night on the town.
I have used too many very pricey speaker cables.
These just knock the socks of the others.
In my system anyways.
90% of my feedback is from
cable transactions.
For those of you who have answered so far thank you very much. But with such great suggestions it looks as though I'm going to have to try several different cables suggested in this thread.