Need Direction...

How can I get my LP's from my fancy vinyl system into my MacBook Pro.
Look for a phono stage with USB digital output for direct capture by sound software on your Mac. Or look for a USB audio interface with stereo analog inputs, and connect your phono stage line-level analog outputs to the audio interface.
I have a preamp with built in phono stage (Ayre)....It is fully balanced XLR’s, but there is a tape monitor out with RCA’s. There is also a single XLR connection that says Digital Out.....
@stringreen sounds like you can use an AES/EBU connection from the phono stage XLR digital output to a USB audio interface that accepts AES/EBU digital input, if you want to use the phono stage's built in ADC.
oops...sorry nekoaudio.....I posted wrong information.   I was looking in the back of the CD player and found the digiral out....the preamp, although it has a built in phono card, it is XLR balanced out, or RCA out via the tape monitor loup.