Need Female BNC to Male RCA 90 degree adaptor...?

Hey guys, I have a digital cable termed with male BNCs.  I'm needing an adaptor, female BNC to male RCA, 90 degrees, for an incredibly tight squeeze.  Unless, I'm missing something I can't seem to find the trick.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Cutting away at the back of the cabinet is not an option.  
You could get a cable with RCA on one end and BNC on the other or get a RCA right angle and a straight BNC to RCA adapter. 
I work as as AV professional and have never seen that exact 90 degree configuration.  You can easily do it with two adaptors however - RCA F to M 90 and then a straight F BNC to M RCA. The depth (at the 90) would be the same, just a bit longer in length.  Or, you could reterminate the cable end to an RCA.