Need help finding out the Watt Value of a resistor

Dear Technichians Fellows,

I need help figuring out the WATT value of a resistor.
It's 15mm (1.5cm) long, baby blue in color.
Looks like a 1 WATT but I have had 3 WATT ones in the same size, therefore I really dont want to take chances guessing.
I have the picture of the resistor if you guys need to take a look at it.

I got the OHM VALUE figured out, all I need is to find out if this resistor is 1W 3W or 5W.

Thanks a million!

Hook it up to a variable DC supply. Turn up the supply slowly until the resistor goes up in smoke. Use Ohms law (P=(VxV)/R) to get the power rating.

Of course, that assumes you have one to burn :>)
Does the resistor have the color codes on it? If so, just remember "Bad boys rape young girls but violet gives willingly". I learned that in junior high electronics class. It stands for Black=1, brown=2, red=3, yellow=4, green=5, blue=6, violet=7, gray=8, white=9. Now, if I could only remember the rest of the decoding. Any help out there?
Imin2u here are the color codes for the mutiplier, tolerance and failure rates for carbon (RC, RCR) type resistors. Note some inductors use the same color bands but are identified by a double wide silver band in the first postion.