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cello music
Gretchen Yanover - Bow and Cello 
cello music
Gretchen Yanover - Bow and Cello 
Guitar player? , What model do you own or play?
'57 Kay Barney Kessel (grandfather's)'62 Gibson L7 (grandfather's)'79 Fender Starcaster'84 Fender Flame Elite'62 reissue Fender Bass VI'68 Fender Jazz Bass'60's reissue Jazz Bass'60's Harmony SovereignAmps:Danelectro Model 22 (grandfather's)Laney ... 
my tt skips
To check for bad bearings, balance the tonearm and move the tonearm towards the plater spindle, the anti-skating should move the tonearm back to the rest post. Start near zero and increase the anti-skating if it fails to return, the lower the valu... 
Small But Good Sounding?
Athena Technologies S.5 (part of Point 5 MkII home theater system) also comes with wall brackets. 
What Irish music will you be playing on St Pat's?
Some by the Pogues, Enya and a mid 80's 12in extended single, composer Billy Bragg's "New England" performed by Kirsty MacColl (with U2's Edge).On DVD Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy: Live and Dead Can Dance Toward the Within 
help find parts
Here's some more from SwitchcraftPC board mount, right angle:, panel mount: 
buying new/used vinyl in NYC?
Here is The Village Voice shopping guide for music stores located in Manhattan, also expandable to the other boroughs. 
Holy Crap What have I done?
Set Lowpass Filters A & B to 250Hz. You want the filter frequencies to be as far apart as not to interfere with the filter that is upstream (first) in the chain that is actually doing the work.You have 2 different choices for the inputLeft &am... 
Holy Crap What have I done?
I just read about the XM9 from the mfr's web site. The crossover frequency of XM9L Electronic Crossover Network can easily be set by replacing the set of 2 frequency modules, located inside the cabinet. They can supply any frequency from 10Hz to 2... 
Biggest Subwoofer Ever Made
Back in 1959 Electro Voice introduced a 30 inch woofer. I have the specs and cabinet plans at home, the volume about the size of a small bathroom. 
New David Gilmour record:any feedback?
I listened to it while going to sleep last night, This is what I remembered."Take A Breath" has the vocal tempo of one part of Genesis "Supper's Ready"."Red Sky At Night" reminds me "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, part ?")."Then I Closed My Eyes" sou... 
how do i make a 50V power supply?
Can you use a variac (variable transformer)and monitor the output. 
Looking for music that features congas, timbalis,
Just heard this on the radio, Steve Winwood,'Why Can't We Live Together' from About Time. Good stuff! 
Looking for music that features congas, timbalis,
Don't forget Desi Arnaz (Babalu)