Need help from Vandy 3A owners.....

Hi folks,
I need your help. A friend of mine is trying to determine the approximate age of his Vandersteen 3As. The shop he recently purchased them from described them as being around 2-3 years old. However, in a recent call to Vandersteen, Richard Vandersteen *estimated* them to be ~ 6-7 years old based on the serial number. However, he answered in his classic gruff, go away, manner so I have some concern about the accuracy of his answer.

Here's where I need your help! If any owners of Vandy 3As (non Sigs) know the serial number AND age of their speakers, I'd love to know. It would give me and my friend a way to "bracket" the age of his speakers. The concern, of course, is whether or not the shop that sold him the speakers misrepresented them.

Thank you very much!

- Phillip
Hi, Phillip:

I own a pair of Vandy 3A Sig's, but giving you their serial numbers won't help much. Sorry you weren't satisfied with Richard Vandersteen's response. Personally, I'd accept his answer regarding the speaker's age. Richard may sometimes seem abrupt on the phone (though I have never found him so), but in my half-dozen conversations with Richard I have always found him to be very honest and direct. I can't think of anyone in a better position to know the "vintage" of a speaker than Richard.

If you still want a "second opinion" regarding the age of the speakers, try calling a couple of Vandersteen dealers and see what they can tell you.
I second the opinion on what vandersteen has told you. He may be gruff, but he's one smart dude!
If Richard told you the age based on the info you gave him, he's most probably correct.  Richard's gruff to some, but honest as the day is long.  He has no need to lie and it's just not in his DNA.  

I don't understand the problem as Richard's answer is the worst case scenario.  Was it a Vandy dealer who told you they were 3 years old?  If you want to send me the serial number I'll check into if for you.  
I know Mr. V can be a bit abrupt, but as others have said, his word is probably the most accurate.
There is another Vandy dealer on Agon, Johnny R.- Audioconnection, who knows a lot about Vandersteen. He has always been a good guy to contact for information.
Mine are less than a year old, and the number is in the 16,000s.  I got em' from Johnny Rutan; he is indeed the best.
Guys, we are all friends with Johnny, lol.  Got the Treo's I"m selling from him. I really want to upgrade to the Quatro's.  Need to sell the Treo's first, but I'm ready.  
LMAO.  Tom, I have MS and sometime cognitive issues, lol.  So take away...Richard is correct and Johnny at AC is a great dealer ;)....oh and the Vandersteen speakers sound great.