Need help in DC/Northern VA - Tonearm board modification

I’m looking for help to modify the wooden tonearm board of a vintage turntable (Denon DP-80/DK-300). This would involve the following tasks:

1. Removal of a jammed tonearm nut from the base board

2. Drilling a new hole of a different diameter on the base board at a specific distance using a drill press

The baseboard material, I believe, is resin treated 30mm plywood and would need drilling using a Forstner bit. I have tried reaching out to multiple people/shops for help locally but no luck yet. If anyone here knows a person or a place that I should try, please let me know. Thank you for your help!


Hi Marco1, nice avatar! I didn’t know about dr. Vinyl but will try them and see if it works out. Thank you!

No response yet. Trying my luck with CL and Google ads, only crickets so far. Let's see.

Surprised he has not responded.  I don't know the gentleman but everything I have heard about him has been very positive.  Did you try Bill Thalmann at Music Technologies in Springfield.  Not sure if they work on turntables but worth a try.

To be fair, I just used the contact form on their website. Maybe I will try calling them as well. I did reach out to Music Technologies and was informed that they are not taking up customizations as they are closing soon. I am adding a few pics of the table and armboard in case its useful.

TT top

Armboard top

Armboard bottom

@richgeova -

      Send it to me and I'll have it back to you within one week.

                               PM me, if interested.


@richgeova -

      Hi, George-

               Reached out.    No Mail Box.

                          PMed back.

                           I'll be here.