Need Help on Dedicated Electrical Lines

Getting ready to build out the media room as part of finishing the basement. Need ideas on how many dedicated lines I'll need; also breakers, receptacles, best wiring to use. I will have seperate CD player and DVD player, Musical Fidelity 308 Preamp and 308 Amp (250 watts/channel), seperate 5 channel amp (200 watts/channel), DLP projector, and a Cable/Satellite receiver. I have a Balance Power unit for the DVD and CD player and an Exact Power 2000 for the amps. Appreciate all comments
there are SO many threads on this already
please use the search engine for "dedicated line"
What Bob said plus search for outlets also.
One dedicated line (20 amp) per component, it's over kill but you will never be short on outlets.
If you hurry, you might be able to get in on Albert Porter's very kind offer on cryo'ed Hubbell outlets. Please refer to this thread:

Note that you need to get Albert the cash (postal money order) by the 31st.
Run at least (2) 20 amp circuits (two dual receptacles)using 10 gauge wire if possible. Power your digital gear using one receptacle, power your analog gear with the other (ie. keep digital isolated from analog).
Timo is right ,that is critical. One line for each component.
Go VD site and look into the in wall cable they sell at 3.50 a foot. Might just be a good buy. Definatly a better choice than what JPS charges for thiers.
I agree with Timo and most of the above. Very important, and not often mentioned, use shielded wire! Even common electrical wire comes in shielded versions, that will make a big difference with RF interference. Good Luck.