Need help setting up a theater on a budget.

We moved to another state over the last 3 years and finally bought our home. Everything has been packed for the last 10 years or so. Currently, my system comprises Spendors Se8 and Elac 2.0 Debut for rears, a Mj 10 in sub which needs repair and an DK Desigh integrated amp, plus various cabling. However, I haven’t set it up yet. I’m new to the AV setup. I really don’t have much to spend on any additionals but 800 or so cash. The problem is I do not want rear wires running through my home. I’m fine with the center and fronts. Can you guys please recommend a receiver or any other component that I can integrate my current set up without adding wires for the rears. Do they have a wireless device. I have a new LG65 Oled, and I am trying to maximize its features on a budget. Any help is appreciated. Really don’t want a sound bar. I looking for something on no more than $100 total with hdmi 2.1, earc and other necessity to maximize my TV home theater.



I don’t have any recommendations for that budget, if you want to preserve the audio quality as much as possible.

There are options that I could recommend without changing your current equipment but not cheap, such as "good quality" audio transmitters that will send the audio signal from your receiver’s individual outputs to receivers located to the rear and then via wire to separate audio amplifiers and to the speakers, or directly to self-powered speakers, eliminating wires running from front to rear. Similar to what is used in concerts.  The problem with this option is that it MAY suffer from undesirable latency, for which additional processing may be needed.

I would spend a few hundred dollars on good quality/gauge speakers wires and go up the wall into the attic and drop the wires back down the wall/s near to your speakers.

I did that, although it involved the dreaded attic insulation and a few hours of my time.

You didn’t mention if you have hard floors, carpet, a rug or a basement. There are flat speaker wires and cables that are practically undetectable by walking over them and you can run them under a rug or carpet.

Maybe a nice rug is the answer and may improve your room’s acoustics all at once!





See if your tv has srs festure, I think thsts what its called. It puts dolby effects thtough 2 channels.

I'm sorry, I have $1000 as my budget.  My apology,  I didn't realize I said that.

What source would you guys recommend, ie. pre am or receiver?  Im refering to the brand.  I really like the transmitter thingy.  I never heard of that.  I will looked into it.  I have a huge bundle of 12 gauge to start, the rug may not be a bad idea.  I am pretty afraid of cutting the wall, don't want to mess up.  I really want to make the right choice on the right process in my budget.  Thanks again for you guys help.

dabarrie OP: These may do the trick for you. I don’t know if your integrated amp has XLR or 1/4 outputs or not, but you can buy adapters or cables to go from RCA to XLR or 1/4". I hope these give you a good idea of what I had mentioned on my previous post. There are many other transmitters and receivers available and of course, they get more expensive as the quality, number of channels, features etc. improve but the specifications of these should suffice for what you are trying to accomplish. For best fidelity there is no substitute for wires though.

I hope this helps...

Klark Teknik DW 20T Wireless Audio Transmitter | Sweetwater

Klark Teknik DW 20R Wireless Audio Receiver | Sweetwater

@ellajeanelle this is exactly what I am looking for.  Although I still have a few questions.  My integrated has xlr inputs and rca inputs, but it does have 2 other outputs, Line and phone.  What will I use for the hdmi 2.1 port, to get video processing or do I need it?    It sounds like this will be great for utilizing the rears.  I will call Sweetwater to clarify setup.  Thank you so much, appreciate this?


dabarrie OP

If your receiver doesn’t have HDMI inputs you don’t need it. But you do need to connect an audio output from your TV (or source) to one of your receiver’s inputs to get audio.

HDMI carries both audio and video but you don’t need video to go from your TV to the receiver, only audio.

Whatever you are using as the audio source (TV, SAT box, DVD etc.) needs to be connected to one of your receiver’s inputs but doesn’t have to be via HDMI.

If the source doesn’t have RCA outputs and only HDMI or optical then you’ll need a separate converter box to go between the source and the receiver that will adapt the source’s output connection type to the receiver’s audio input connection type.

An ARC HDMI is ideal though because it will turn a receiver that has "ARC" HDMI inputs on and off automatically whenever is senses an audio signal from your source.




Awesome, thank you so much.  I have narrowed my search down to top choice Onkyo TX-RZ50 then Yamaha a4a. They both have the bells and whistle but the onkyo is more musical. I have a question, would I get better audio quality and home theater essential buying a processor that does the same thing with theater and streaming for the same price $900. Since I already have a integrated for the fronts later on pick up a small 3 or 5 channel for the rears. I am patient if I need to wait another month to pick up the other channel amp. Can you guys please give me suggestion of brands in that price range or a place to start.

dabarrie OP

I am confused by your question.

Are you asking if you should use your existing 2 channel receiver in conjunction with a separate surround processor or just a a/v surround receiver for all channels instead?

If so, I would say go with the surround receiver for everything.  Everything will work in concert with each other (Atmos, crossovers, levels adjustment etc.).  If streaming audio get an independent DAC and connect that between the source and the receiver for better audio quality.

Both the Onkyo and Yamaha look good, although I have not heard them.  I guess it would be a matter of personal choice.  Take a look at Marantz also! For what it's worth, I had a Marantz NR1510, their cheapest model with 2 subwoofers and although only 50 watts per channel was more than enough to fully enjoy anything I ever watched with it.  It only lacked Atmos, but I never missed it.  I upgraded since, but not because it sounded bad but because that's just my nature.  I wanted separate amplifiers for every single channel when I built my video room about a year ago.