Need help-Will the vividstorm ust screen will work with a short throw projector?

Hey guys,

I wanna buy a 120inch electric floor rising screen with ultra short throw ambient light rejecting screen material from vividstorm. Because I saw some video of vividstorm screen, which it looks very nice. But I have a short throw projector, Will this screen work with a short throw projector as well?

Thanks in advance!


I would contact the Vividstorm manufacturer and make sure the screen has the angled ridges to allow for a short throw projector place right below or above the screen.  The ridges are directional, so a UST screen made for top mounted projector will not for a bottom mounted projector.

Many manufacturers "claim" the screen supports short-throw, but it's really just a marketing BS.  If the screen doesn't have those ridges, it will not work effectively for short throw projectors.