Throw it out!

I just discovered a technique that will save a lot of aggravation.  When I find a record that is not satisfying me sound-wise (or sometimes musically,) I dispose of it or relegate it to the inactive file.  Rather than having it available in my collection to aggravate me, it gives me great satisfaction to get rid of it!


I discovered that technique long ago with anything or anybody that annoys me 😉!

I must do the same. There are about a dozen or so of my ~1500 NM albums hiding at the back of one pile that I really need to dump. Not because they’re damaged, but because I can’t stand the music on them!

I used the same technique long ago to go from noisy vinyl to silent cd...

But it takes many years for cd to sound good...😊

Then i stopped audiophile listening... I used only headphones and Bach cd as musical minimum survival pack...

But i disliked my 9 headphones even modified by me then i throw them all ,  than i begun my audio journey anew in 2001 with speakers but it takes me 12 more years to separate head and tail in audiophile factors experience...

Finally i discovered acoustics and experiments almost a decade ago ...

Now i am happy ...With only files though... I own too much music to have it on a material support be it vinyl or even cd ... 😊

One could expand on this approach...


Send that vinyl on a spin that's final!

@sls141 ....

I couldn't pass on that, once upon uh, did just that with a 12ga and a cardboard box full of old LP's....but had sense to do it  on the gd dirt....

The 'toss'er' of the (maybe) doomed disc needs be at angle to the 'pot-shocked' pot shot so you're trying to hit

An Edge.

Launching in ANY Wind Yields 'Unpredictable Results' = Don't.

( ..although it was cool to see the 'skid marks' of the pellets when hitting the groves at varying angle...

.... shoulda' kept some... mount on  *drifts off....*

*Oh.... ..any waze, one Could start their own 

A'phile Recovery!

Finally, a place where committable "a-philes" can Finally Refuge @ Revenge...



Our Dedicated Devices ( DeeDee,,,,we think it's cute...🤷‍♂️)
are Guarantied to wreak utter destruction on Whatever's 

"Got your chain...HA!....

...or your stuff back, with a list of local recyc's for..

Whatever That Was.....*yawn*

I applied the same basic concept during the packing process the last two times I moved. As I handled each item, if I couldn't think of a really good reason within 5 seconds to pack it in a box, it went in the give away/throw away pile. By the last move, all my musical media was digital, so at least that choice was already made. It's a lot easier to keep ones and zeros that you never listen to!

Someone came to my garage sale (that is where my dumped music goes) and bought lots of vinyl. Made her aware that some are NOT in 'good shape' even for the lowest quality turn table. 

She said: "oh no, I am not playing those. I am teacher, and I melting the vinyl down and pour into forms with the kids'. 

So THERE is a great way to REPURPOSE that vinyl. Does it work with CD? Wonder how to repurpose those ripped or downloaded files? Hmh. 

Instead I make a pile of those and anyone coming over can have their pick. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

My interest in music is mostly in the jazz genre. I have often bought records that had music I did not fully appreciate and then pulled them out later to find my taste had either changed or matured to the point that I later found them enjoyable. These got moved from the back of my collection to the front and I as happy to have not disposed of them. I used to pull out and play Miles' Bitches Brew once a year until I finally understood it. Consequently, I never throw anything out unless it is damaged or replaced with a better copy.

What if you change tor mind?  I have had many bad first listens to recordings, only to revise an opinion on subsequent hearing.  Sometimes it was the mood I was in on the first hearing.  Other times, in Classical Music, I can be imprinted by my initial acquaintance with a given piece, and at first hearing just dismiss an alternative but equally valid approach as just plain’wrong’, and then reverse that judgement upon rehearing.

I am fortunate to have a New/Used store near by. I have found that some of my "losers" generate enough value to pick up something new (or used, but new to me). The ones that are just plain crap are donated to Salvation Army and end up next to Montovani's Christmas Music 1964

When I was young and listened to mostly rock, I would have thrown out any jazz music, today I would do the opposite. Thankfully I have kept everything in case of another "polar inversion".

Please post the list of unwanted items. I like BAD music. I can arrange shipping as well. 

For example: I was extremely annoyed by collection of Guns and Roses records. They're all now birthday gifts pretty-much.

Does anybody know of a place that buys entire record and CD collections that will pick up or have them shipped?

If so, please let me know.  I am pretty much done with vinyl and CD's since discovering streaming and only want to keep a handful of each that are irreplaceable.

No one mentioned it, but unloading the vinyl onto a resale outlet that’ll take it can result in someone finding something they like even if the quality is poor.

But melting records in the presence of children…

Some teaching license regions must have very light requirements in chemistry / carcinogens 😳

Hoping that recollection above was decades ago, or that the sale was refused.

@bondmanp i started a thread similar to your comment and it got taken down so fast. play the lottery man !

I did that once with the RUSH CD Vapor Trails. I thought there was some great music in the disk, but I could not listen to it since the recording was so badly done. I threw it in the trash. 

A decade later they remastered the album and I have the hi-res of that remaster. It is a great album as I initially suspected.

Please donate it to GoodWill ! (or other Second-hand store)

My husband & I buy vinyl records at Goodwill. We've found great stuff! For like $1-$2 a pop. 

Looks like you can use the Marie Kondo technique on just about anything.

All the best,

I have known people that apply the same solution to marriages that displease them, but of course that is a considerably more expensive solution than segregating or selling an album....

That’s one reason I got rid of over 1000 records and went to digital,

Digital if all bases are covered with LPS from router decent Ethernet switch LPS good Ethernet cables, good power cords ,streamer -server, 

for sim8lar monies $10k+ man6 spend on a turntable setup and phono stage 

better sound ,no cleaning build your own library with 1,000s of songs and 

gettting better still , Digital is the Future if there is any digital glare that is jitter or noise  meaning you have not addressed every area of your system ,

I own 6,000 LPs.

I am purging 300.

The rest stay.

I sell any record I upgrade. I am not a "collector" who keeps 6 copies of the same title, I am a music enjoyer. Usually my previous copy is in great shape - I might replace it to get an audiophile reissue (or a special audiophile reissue in the absolute favorite category), although not that often. If I have any others that I don't like, even if recently purchased, I sell it at a loss immediately. I don't want to see it or think about it.

There is a very small group - maybe 3% that I may want to listen to at some point just in case, but they are not near the records in an organized rotation that continues to evolve based on the way they sit in my rack and cubbies.

There are only maybe 1% that will never be played and are worth nothing - the records store won't take them for free. They'd be good to melt down. I can always keep the extra jackets....They are fillers in spaces I can't get to that make others accessible due to door hinges.