Need opinion for Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai?

Hi Guys, first post here. I'm planning to buy a Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai for multi-format use. Want to try SACD playback. How is the sound quality of this player compared to a PD-65 which I have and love the way that player plays cd's, warm and analog like sound. Your 2 cents much appreciated.
The PD-65 is old technology in comparison. The DV-47AI is better in every way, except the stable platter. Much more mod potential as well.
I tries the 47ai before I bought theMarantz DV8400 but am waiting to upgrade the Marantz as well. The legato-link d/a conversion system Pioneer uses is a great D/A and has a warm analog sound.
Guys, thanks for the input, I will go for it and hear it for myself. I could always sell if I don't like it..