Dual CS5000 vs. Pioneer PL-530

I am looking for advice on how these 2 turntables compare. I have a vintage Pioneer SX-150 receiver and a Pioneer RT-701 RtoR, along with Pioneer vintage 70's speakers, I listen primarily to 60,s 70's music.
in my opinion the dual tone arm was one of the best in this price range of gear. low friction in the bearings and generally good performance. not a rega but.....
Get the Pioneer. I owned a CS 5000 it was ok. I tried many different cartridges just to have it sound dry and boring. My brother owned a Pioneer PL 530 and it always had a great sound very envolving!
dr tshouse.. i can,t believe you would recommend a pioneer anything after checking out your system. i.m impressed. john
Thanks guys...so thats 2 for the Dual, one for the Pioneer?? Hoping to get some other opinions
I have had other Dual tt that sounded better than the CS 5000. The CS 5000 is one of Duals worst sounding tts. That pioneer is not the best tt but I bet it sounds better than the CS5000
That Pioneer was quite the advanced machine in its day...but appears to be extremely complex which doesnt bode well years later...KISS always applies...dont know much about the DUal...but it appears to be an average performer...much better or sought after duals....just my 2 cents....
A good friend of mine owns the Dual CS5000 so I have heard it play many types of music. Unfortunately, it looks better than it sounds. Personally, I feel that the aesthetics of the Dual allows it to sell for a hefty price on most markets. I have seen it sell for more than $500 with a clean plinth and dustcover. Depending on your price point, I think you can do better. Having said that, I have not heard the Pioneer so I cannot say it is a worth alternative, but I would shy away from the Dual.