Need Opinion on Accuphase E-202

Seriously considering above unit on eBay, but hesitant.

Have read mostly glowing reviews and have confidence in the quality of construction and sound, but am afraid of cost to clean up and calibrate and its longer term maintenance cost, especially because I read how arrogantly independent Accuphase west coast authorized dealer seems to be.

Are these units really dependable?

Can anyone recommend an able technician in the Portland / Seattle corridor?
The E202 is sonically a stunner I own a E202 and LOVE it. Have a dealer in Toronto Canada service while not cheap is simple by my techs admission

Thanks. I did buy the E-202 and it is definitely the best I have had yet. Had a cleaning done in Portland and subsequently a little problem with static remaining on one of the push buttons. The tech did not want to re-clean it. This really disappointed me since it was the third piece of gear I had in there and despite a 30 day warranty, he flatly refused to look at it again. Nevertheless I am really happy with the E-202, but now I am back on the perpetual hunt to find the next "best" one.
accuphase has E212 , E308, E450. Of these three which overs the best bang for buck sound ?
How do these differ from sound of Krell, classe gears ?

thanks for inputs
Anyone else care to share their thoughts on the Accuphase E-202 either as an integrated or even just as an amp?
Well I couldn't resist hooking up the Accuphase E-202 to my existing system. First as and integrated then as an amp. As an Integrated I've got lots of cleaning to do. I hear a lot of scratchiness from my speakers whenever I turn the volume dial or the other tone controls. When I adjust the switch on the back of the E-202 and then use it as an amp the sound is pretty sweet. The imaging is front and center but a bit low in my system. I may try messing with the speaker damping control in the back of the E-202 but I don't know if that control is active when the E-202 is set to amplifier only mode.

If anyone has any thoughts on this or the E-202 in general let me know.


I don't have a response to the E-202 directly but if you decide to try something different I would go for something that doesn't have so many controls and adjustments on it. Less to go wrong and in my book at least simpler is better.