Need some thoughts how to arrange the speakers

I have B&W Matrix 803 S2 and a small room (~4*5.5 meters, see the attached picture). I'm in a process of renovation my flat and I have a possibility to make some changes to get better acoustic results. By the left side it's a kitchen, by the right side - three windows. Yellow is a bar table, blue - sofa, red - tv and green - Matrix. I guess the current version is the most optimal for living but not for the music) But the task is to keep everything in the room...

Attached scheme
Having the left speaker fire into the kitchen is never going to be ideal. And you can't move the left speaker closer to the right because you have the TV in the way. If you get rid of the TV, that would solve the problem very nicely, but I imagine you'd like to keep it and probably in the current location.

Why not consider putting the Matrix speakers to the right, in the alcove in front of what appear to be angled windows? You might need to add a chair near the coffee table for critical listening in the sweet spot. This arrangement would have the added advantage of getting the speakers away from the wall, which I suspect is compromising their performance in the current setup.
I think you're going to have your hands full with this one. I don't suppose you could remove the yellow rectangle? If not, the only thing I can think of is to move the left speaker further to the right and no tow in. I say that because in your picture, it doesn't look like you have a clear line of sight to your left speaker.
Well right now it's only a project so I can remove or replace almost everything - all the color elements and except for the kitchen.

I recieved more and more advices to put the speaker by the right wall. But it this case I'll need some heavy curtains because it's a sunny side of the building. And no idea how to locate the sofa in this case...
looks like you don't have much of a choice here. I agree that putting the speaker in front of the angled windows (& use heavy curtains to cover the reflecting glass) is the best choice you have. Put your sofa in front of the bar table (yellow) so that you don't attenuate the right speaker (when it will be placed in front of the window).
One thing that may help is to list how your system sounds now, and what you would like to improve.
I agree with Bombaywalla - place the speakers and TV in front of the windows and the sofa several feet in front of the bar table (yellow area). This will give you the best sound quality AND it will eliminate any reflections on the TV screen from the windows.

You will want to put heavy drapes or blinds on the windows to allow for taming of the light coming in thru those windows. And it will also tame any early reflection points off the glass of the windows...

The angled wall with dampened windows looks like it will work. Keep the couch where it is and put your favorite listening chair facing the speaker wall. You just won't be able to have more than one person in the sweet spot.
I can't say that I don't like how it sounds now. But I have nothing to compare with because I'm new to this hobby. Well it sounds much better than my computer speakers)

So after all the replies I decided to place the speakers in front of the windows. Maybe TV will go there also because I don't like an idea to add one more chair. Better to use the sofa.
I'd agree with what everyone else has said. Putting the speakers with the windows behind them would be the best layout. That should give you a fairly symmetrical radiation pattern between left and right speakers. Symmetry is very important to stable soundstaging.

And yes, some thick curtains would be important. As would some absorber panels or diffusers in the first reflection points.
That has to be a huge improvement. As long as you can deal with all the glass using some type shades, and read all that stuff in Russian on your blueprints, the system should sound pretty good.