Need speaker recommendation - after harbeth c7es3?

Hi guys, I currently have harbeth c7es3s. I'm actually very happy with the sound. But my search all started with moving into a new loft and wanting something that sound just as good or BETTER but is more modern looking visually. I know I know. Don't flame me :) I've done a lot of research but figure I'd ask directly.

My current system is weiss dac2/clearaudio performance -> headroom pro pre -> linn klout -> c7es3.

here's what I'm looking for:

1) Something used, as much as 10k-ish.

2) Good looking :) I know it's subjective, but as long as it doesn't look like a box from the 70's.

3) Midrange just as amazing as the c7's, but full range with great slam and rock capability. The c7's seem to get a bit muddled when the music becomes complicated. Maybe the amp? or the room? I feel like the klout should have plenty of grunt.

4) Something not too bright. I heard the 802D's but they seemed a bit bright for me after 20 min where as I've listened to my c7's for hours on end with no issues.

5) Not too physically big, probably a midsized floor stander size.

6) my room is an open loft 15.5x50x9. They will be placed along the long wall at one end of the long loft.

I was thinking maybe magico v2/3? Very curious how they sound. But would my klout be enough amp? I have a second klout; would biamping help that?

Any suggestions would be great.


Hi Mike,

I had (still do) a pair of Harbeth C7 ES2, which I love, however, I moved them into my second system when I replaced the Harbeths with Magnapan 1.7's in my main system.

I absolutely love the Magnapans in all regards. No they don't give you that last octive of low bass, but otherwise they are hard to beat.

Good luck, and happy listening.

I just sold my C7's for the same reasons you are giving. Switched to Kudos. For your budget and room size you might look at the C20's.
I had C7's and wanted to move to another speaker for some of the same reasons you cite. I went with Daedalus DA-1.1's. You may want to look into the Athena which is slightly smaller but equally handsome. If you do a search here you will see some of my other ramblings on my search and decision to go with Daedalus. I loved my Harbeth's for all the stuff they did so well. The Daedalus are as good in those areas but add so much more to the picture. Highly recommended!