Need Suggestion on Good HT processor new or used?

Looking to spend $1000 to $2500 on a decent HT processor
Not afraid of used gear. I have Meridian 2 channel
and have looked at some of their procesors. I am just
confused as to what I would give up by going a little older,
as in functionality? Any help out there?
lexicon is always a good bet if HT is your primary use. MC1 on an upscale basis, dc 2 if not.
I've thoroughly enjoyed the Primare P30 and have compared it to 3 preamps in my home including the Ayre K3-X. I found the sonics of the P30 to be superior to these pre's for my two channel system.

I've been really pleased with my Class'e SSP30 HT Pre-amp. Movies ( Dolby 5.1 and DTS) are much more open, realistic, and clear. The 2 channel (stereo) is also much better and now my pre-fered music only format. The blur I had on both the high end and bass, which I though was my 10 year old speakers, just disappeared. I had been using a Denon receiver as the pre-amp section for a Class'e CAV-180. The feaures on the SSP30 are also very well done and family friendly for the remote. You can get one used in the price range mentioned.
You might also want to check out a Sunfire Theater Grand II. I've been very leased with mine. They should be in your price range and since Sunfire is just bringing in the Theater Grand III, prices should be taking a dive in the near future. Only real drawback is there is no 5.1 analog input for SACD or DVD-Audio.

I've owned the Lexicon DC-1 for a few years now and would not trade it for the world. If you like to tweek every little aspect of you 7.1 channel set-up, then try to find one of these used. Not much difference to the newer models worth the extra cost. My set up is all M&K and Rotel.